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Volleyball was played on Tuesday this week as the RBVL deferred to the birth of the United States of America and moved their weekly action from Wednesday, July 4th.   This news flash might have arrived too late to beat last week’s deadline at the Wave but it’s still worth printing this week.  On 6/27, Mama Dianna McCool of the Social Yachties showed her daughter D. McCool of Rockaway Seafood that age and experience always prevail with a 4-1 victory.  (Isn’t it nice when the team with the Mom spanks the team with the daughter?)  It is going to take more than a few teenage "Fontbonne Bonnies" to stop the Socials.  The teenagers may look cute in their Corona Light tank tops, but the Socials have 40 plus years of professional beach experience.  Maybe next time!  And, as for the Socials, please remember that all socializing must be done as a group.  Rory, did you pull a Darren?  There was a report of some jerk cooking chicken at an Ocean Division net on the beach or was it some jerk chicken being cooked or was it some jerk cooking some jerk chicken?  Only Frank Ganun knows.  Or was someone just jerking our chain?  Mrs. Vertigo and Mr. Stroke are walking in circles and tripping over their own feet but they do own two new Corona Light bikes, which should help.

 The party was on afterward at founding member Connolly’s bar.  Mr. Happy was Mr. Very Happy when he won the weekly Corona Light bicycle raffle.  Was the fix in for the sponsor bar captain or was it the lucky ticket Joe gave Steve with his complimentary Corona Light?  Only the Shadow knows.  Andrew was probably the real winner.  Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, son.  Tax City Suns of Beaches are now tied for first with Servpro NW Brooklyn in the Star Division and they are trailed by four teams within 4 points - Wii Not Fit, Hamilton Hardware Hammerheads, EZ Company and Thai Rock Island.  Look at some of the other pennant races as they stand right now.  In the Sun, the Stanii and the Odd Couples are tied for first.  In the Ocean Division, Freedhand’s leads West End Tents and Sullivan and Galleshaw by two games while the Beach group shows ROCK FAM ahead of Bayview and the Kerry Hills pub by three games.  The Social Yachties lead the Moon but four squads are within 5 points of the top – Rathbones, William J. Lachner Painters, Rockaway Seafood Company and the Arverne Avengers.  The Kenosha Kickers are running away with the Ocean Breeze Division but six teams are within 5 games of each other for second place - JG Electric, The Mighty Boosh, Casino Auto Towing, Federation, Sand Spikers and Jameson's, who just posted a 5-0 sweep.  It is almost impossible to believe but the Sun Ray Division has seven teams (Atlantic Service Sandsharks, Attack Pack, Irish Circle Jerks, Bungalow Baranhas, Sleaze Fries, Comeback Cats and Le Greann) within four points of each other from 1st through 7th place.  This is by far the most evenly competitive group in the entire league. 

The RBVL rounded the half way mark on an Independence Eve night designed for volleyball.   Casino Tow took three games from the depleted Wharf  Rats led by the ancients, Joe and Rocky.  Sarah, Brianne and Lauren’s youth and vitality helped offset the “slow pace” of the arthritic duo.    Charlie Brady arrived for game two much like Maximus returning to Rome and led them to victory.      

In an occurrence as rare as Haley’s Comet most of the Rockaway beach Volleyball League was off the day after volleyball.   Did someone say party? 

Team Margaritas took three out of five led by Nicky Castellano and his son Mike.  Nicky served 14 points in a row.  Not an RBVL record but impressive nevertheless.

 Bungalow Baranha’s came to party like they’re Danny Marano, They came to Party like there’s no tomorrow.  They’re not afraid to get a little Dirty.  Danny Marano is Turning 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week the after volleyball get together is at new sponsor- Thai Rock Restaurant.  Pepe of Alive N Kickin  and his son will be providing the live entertainment on the deck.   So be sure to come out and see the new Tiki Bar and help support a  new sponsor.  

 Steve Gifford, Captain Queeg of equipment fame, won the Corona Bike at Connolly’s.  Steve, as Mr. Happy, responded accordingly to his new found bounty.  “I hate the color  white!

Laruen wanted to know where George was.  His absence was felt.  When the going gets tough the Jim McDonough’s get going. Home that is.  He excels at the dead man’s float. 

The Attack Pack took five games from the Comeback Cats led by the triple attack of  Colleen, Arial and Julia.  Looks like the Comeback Cats are going to have to change their name  to Slack Cats.  No Cheshire smiles here.  If the Attack Pack is required by RBVL rules to have six players on the courtshouldn’t they change their name from Attack Pack to Six Pack?

DJ Deirdre Roberts, serving as the music maestro, guided the crowd at Connolly’s through a wide prism of rock, blues, country, oldies and future oldies,  with a balanced representation of most genres.   No one left the bar hungry for good music and many dance shoes were worn down.

After losing game one to the land Sharks, The Stanii rebounded with four straight wins to close out the night.  Shoulder injuries to Kevin and MAF almost derailed the team.  This forced the rest of the team to “shoulder” the burden.  Game on.  The Land Sharks did win one game but that is like coming in fourth place at the Olympics.

Hamilton Hardware was down two games to none verses Sons of Beaches and down in the third 19-10.  They came back to win that game and the next two.   Maybe they should change their name to Comeback Cats.

The most interesting man alive and the Glam Vizier of the RBVL, Cubby, has not been seen for quite some while.  The Cubby Hole has been Cubless for several weeks.  There can only be a few reasons why:  1) He is teaching Michael Phelps how to improve his swimming  for the London Olympics   2) He has been recruited to the Middle East to single handedly solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem   3) He is in Rome  advising the Pope on Canon law and church doctrine.  4) He is on location in Djibouti filming a new series of Dos Equis commercials.

Since many of you have begged and pleaded for a “Rockservation” of team names and punny-pun  type names that actually play on the team, here is the list.  Gerri Walsh actually said she can’t go another week without it.   These are actual names that have not been changed to protect the innocent because frankly; there are no innocents in this league.     

Comeback Cats:   Kitty litter

 JG Electrical:  Meg A. Hertz

Average Joe’s:   Stu  Pendous

Gatement.Net:   Ann Droid

H.L. Sandhogs:  Sandy Hogg

Miley Quality Home Improvement:  Bill  D.  House

Rockaway Seafood House:  Brooke Trout 

Rodgers Irish Setters:   Kay Nine

Daltons’s Grill:  Ann T. Pasta

Jameson’s Pub:   Ginny  Tonic

Thai Rock House:   Ty Juan Onn

Bungalow Bar:   Frank N. Beans

So there it is for 2012.  Cubby refused to come out of hiding until it was published and Pat Connolly refused to eat tofu until he got his Rockservations mainlined. 

Todays Equipment tip from Steve and Rocky: Don’t pull the plastic plates out of the ground until the sand has been dug out. Many of the rope attachments have been broken due to the stress. Anyone found doing this will be forced to baby sit for the Octomom on Saturday night.   

All six people on your RBVL Committee are willing to help you with any problems that come up; just take care of matters in a respectful manner.  For new players, the RBVL Committee is made up of President Patty Moule (The Stanii), Steve Gifford (Connolly’s), Denise Brunner (Thai Rock Island), John Sica (Blackwater Water Boarders) and Rocky and Joe Abbracciamento (Casino Towing).  You can find them every week, playing ball on the beach.  They are always available to help out on any matters and answer your questions.  As always, if you have any questions before then please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach!