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RBVL Regular Season Ends and Playoffs Loom

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                                                                                8/10/12

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The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League completed the 2012 regular season in ideal volleyball weather - hot, muggy but windless.  Maybe the inhabitants of Olympus rewarded the league with some Arubian-like weather.  Dickie Flanagan out-trumped the quote master TBG by tearfully calling the last night of action beautiful but bittersweet.  Players had to be dragged off the beach but they knew a fun night at the BHYC awaited them afterward.  Connolly’s won five games from the Average Joe’s to close out the season.  Laura stated that the entire team played great including the two players on the injured reserve.  Glenn Pfister led the team with crisp, pin- point serving and was therefore not given the Silver Platter Awards from his wife of 22 years.  No Brian Davin this week yet five victories.  Is there a correlation?  Since Captain Steve (Yoga Boy) has been back the winning percentage has been hovering slightly north of 100 per cent.  The team would like to thank Jeff and Kerri Ann for their 24 years of sponsorship.  Bugsy has said that nobody wants to play It’s all Good because they are peaking right at the playoffs.  Joe “Seal” Moore is still leading the league in time outs called and is basking in the glory of his meager accomplishment. 

The Stanii and Its All Good had a great last match of the season.  Every match was volley for volley.  That sounds like two volunteer fire departments playing against each other.  Bugsy’s volleyball moves were only exceeded by his dance moves at the Yacht Club.  Dancer out did himself providing music, lighting and hot dogs.  Sponsor Benita may have been seen long boarding home from Riis Park tonight.  The Island team may be recruiting Elaine’s father who is 70 plus years old but as agile as a 60 year old.  Which is more than we can say for the forty and fifty year olds!  The Stanii held off the Odd Couples 32-31 to take the top spot in the Sun after those two shared the lead for most of the season.  A toast to the Stanii #1 fan Joanie from her faithful crew.  Casino Tow took five from the Federation but that sweep could have easily gone the other way as all games were decided by three points or less.   Casino was led by AARP heart throb Joe McGivney and Charlie Brady.  Lauren Ganun and Sarah McCarthy appeared to place the ball on a platter for the hitters all night long.  That gave Casino14 out of 15 after the rainout on 7/18.  Maybe the week off rejuvenated the aging warriors.  (Not you, ladies.)  Casino, JG Electric and the Mighty Boosh each swept their final matches to remain 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Ocean Breeze division with 31, 30 and 28 points respectively.  That’s a lot of wins under a lot of pressure.  See you Saturday. 

The Sun Ray group finished with a position week which helped to determine which two teams would be the only two teams not to qualify for the playoffs.  The IFMA’s were eliminated last week and this week the final odd team out is Simba’s Pride.  Simba lost to the Sleaze Fries 2-3 while the Notorious D.I.G.’s added 4 points to their season total, giving the Fries and the DIG’s 23 points each, two more than Simba.  Simba’s Pride needed one more win against the Sleaze Fries to force a one game playoff for the last playoff spot but couldn’t make it happen, losing 15, 16 and 14 in their three losses.  Head-to-Head tiebreakers were used to determine playoff positions in five different divisions.  In the Wave, Healy’s Rat Pack edged the Cabana, Long Beach NYC 3-2 on 7/11 and the Blackwater Water Boarders beat Miley Quality Home Improvement by the same score on the same day.  The Beach saw Bayview beat Dalton’s 5-0 and U Got Served beat Ocean’s 12 twice, 3-2 and 4-1.  The Boardwalk tie was broken by two 3-2 wins for Edison Place over the Beach Bums.  Team Margarita nosed out It’s All Good 5-0, 2-3 for a net 7-3 victory in the Boardwalk and Lachner squeaked past Rathbones 3-2 in the Moon.  So much for positioning; now it’s time to play for the sweatshirt.   

Last Call would have been out in force tonight if Big Browns fancy bike didn’t have motor problems.  There were sightings of the elusive Dan the Man and the beer boy getting a pedicure at the pet shop. Would Frankie really be able to make a sandwich on Saturday with only one arm?  Stay tuned.  Thickness prevails.  So much for Jack Weber’s words of wisdom.  The girls of Last Call were watching Misty May before they realized that Dolores’s gymnastic routine was not part of her game.  Joe gave it all up for the team tonight with visions of Kerri Walsh in her bikini - or maybe the blood work. The Captain received a hundred dollar rebate so that means bikinis next year for the girls of Last Call.  Happy Birthday to Betty Ann, Janice Marshall, Carol and John Ross. The cake was delicious.  Sands Point beat Coastal Realty 3-2 in a well played match.  Co-Captain Tom Tuohey would like to thank his sponsor Tim Rohrs for his continued sponsorship.   The W. J. Lachner Painting team wants to thank their sponsors Benita and Billy for their sponsorship and support.  Their appearance tonight brought good luck as the team won five games for the first time all season.  Again all games close as the 5-0 sweep appears to be the theme of the night.  The team would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Conor McHale.  He is still serving them right down the middle.  Kudos to Mary Morgan and John McCann of the Belle Harbor Yacht Club for putting on a great and ample spread as well as a great time, another job well done. 

The Guinness Book of Records reports that Coach has set the record as the world's oldest cub reporter.  And can you find a more valuable player in the league than the weekly selection the Social Yachties make when they designate one player each week to bring the cooler? Last week the woman selected was carrying twice her body weight in drinks but she was still smiling.  Freedhand’s won 5-0 to clinch first place in the first division.  That sentence has been written a few times in the past few years, hasn’t it?  How about Olympic women’s beach volleyball?  America finishes gold-silver with the great Misty May Trainor and Kerri Walsh Jennings winning their last match ever.  Rumor has it they are on the waiting list for the 2013 RBVL season.  John Sica has been locating and posting on YouTube old videos taken at prior playoff extravaganzas.  Check them out because they are priceless.  Video #3 will be posted this weekend.  Visit the website and watch.   

 The RBVL 2012 Playoffs will be played by all divisions on Saturday, August 11th at 10:30 a.m. sharp.  10:30 is both the start time and the forfeit time for game #1.  Nets will be available for set up and practice at 9:30 a.m. and must be up by 10 a.m.  All matches are best of 5 games to 21 points – win by two points and no cap.  Round 1 - 10:30 a.m.: 1st place vs. 8th place, 2nd place vs. 7th place, 3rd place vs. 6th place and 4th place vs. 5th place.  Round 2 - 12:00 p.m.:  3rd/6th winner vs. 2nd/7th winner and 4th/5th winner vs. 1st/8th winner.  Round 3 - 2:00 p.m.: CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES.   Some sandwiches will be provided for lunch.  Please bring any other beverages you require but remember that officially, alcohol and bottles are not allowed on the beach.  Make sure that you bag and clear all of your garbage from the beach when you leave.  A rainout on Saturday is very rare.  We may be under the buildings for a while if there is lightning but we are likely to play through the rain.  With 40 6-ft. heroes ordered, 37 referees contracted and a DJ it is very hard to postpone.  Of course, check your e-mails and the website for updates.  The RBVL season ends tomorrow, August 11th.  Is that possible?  Is the season really only one day from being over?  Say it ain’t so, Joe. 

See you on the beach, one last time!