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RBVL Shut Down by Thunderstorms

By Joe McGivney                                           7/20/12 

The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League scheduled a most important position week on Wednesday where teams matched up according to their current league standings.  The top two teams in every division would face off for division supremacy and the other squads would battle to move up into better playoff position.  Unfortunately, the thunderstorms soaking the nation hit the east coast and Rockaway right at game time and for the first time in memory the nightly matches were cancelled in advance.  Some diehard players were upset as they had adorned their rain gear and headed out to the park but most members were glad that they and their families did not have to trek down to Riis Park in a potentially dangerous situation.  After all, it is only volleyball.  Granted, we all really love volleyball but it is not worth taking a lightning bolt for.  Taking a Richie Whelan spike off your forehead hurts but taking a lightning bolt off your forehead hurts even more.  Mets trail 2-0. 

Now the teams must battle for placement in the final three weeks of the season without the benefit of a race tightening position week.  Is the season really only three weeks from being over?  Wow!  The Ocean Division is led by perennial leader, Freedhand’s, with 24 points followed by West End Tents 20, Gatemate.net 19 and Sullivan and Galleshaw 19.  The top players in the top level will really be bringing the heat the next few weeks and promise to exhibit the finest level of play on the beach.  If you are not playing, watch it and enjoy.  The Ocean Breeze group is led by the Kenosha Kickers who have a substantial lead and are followed by a host of teams - The Mighty Boosh 20, JG Electric 19, Casino Auto Towing, Sand Spikers, Federation and Jameson's, all with 17 points.  Off the Net leads Healy's Rat Pack by eight games in the Wave but “NewMeat” Matt, “Old Meat” Jimmy and Betty “Long Arms” will be leading the Pack in their quest to upend the young stars off the net in the battle for first place.  Mets trail 2-1. 

the Sica family celebrates John's Birthday

ROCK FAM and Bayview are only three games apart in the Beach and The Odd Couples and the Stanii remain tied in the Sun, making those two of the closest fights for first place.  The Boardwalk group has Sal's Auto Sandstorm on top with the Beach Bums 20, Edison Place 19, Sands Point PT 18 and the Breakaways 18 in 2nd through 5th place.  Unbelievably, the Sun Ray division has 9 teams in contention for every possible spot and a team could just as easily win the conference as finish out of the playoffs.  Atlantic Service Sandsharks 23, Bungalow Baranha's 21, Attack Pack 19, Sleaze Fries 19, Irish Circle Jerks 17, Le Greann 17, Comeback Cats 17, The Notorious D.I.G.'s 16 and Simba's Pride 15 are all tied up in a volleyball death match.  Good luck down the stretch.  The Social Yachties, William J. Lachner Painters, Rockaway Seafood Company and Rathbones make up the top four in the Moon and are separated by only four points.  It is now time for any erstwhile leaders to spur their troops onto victory.  Do not wait because it will be too late.  In the last division, the Star, seven of eight teams are within five games of the title - Servpro NW Brooklyn, Tax City Suns of Beaches, Wii Not Fit, Thai Rock Island, EZ Company, Hamilton Hardware Hammerheads and Last Call.  This could be the most exciting pennant race of them all.  Stay tuned.  Mets trail 4-1. 

Not only did they make it to the Irish Circle, they also went to Riis and saw a beautiful sunset.

Social Yachtie, Kevin B., is accepting cash donations in lieu of flowers for his softball injury but fear not, he will be back in action next Wednesday.  What team immediately had couples cuddling on the couch when the rainout was announced?  You mean there’s no other time to cuddle all week unless there is a VB rainout?  C’mon man!  The Food Network’s new show, “Where the Referees Eat,” filmed their first episode at the Irish Circle where the venerable arbitrators showed up early for their well earned feast.  But what time did the food arrive?  Mr. Happy biked up to the equipment room, braving the lightning and falling bricks from 128th St.  (a chimney got hit and bricks were flying everywhere) only to realize that he had given his keys to Patty, who had given them to Denise, who still had them in her pocketbook.  Mr Happy was not very happy and he was wet and cold, too.  So he jumped into his hot tub which was a cool (for a hot tub) 101 degrees.  Finally, he sat down in his living room, looking out overthis 127th St. dome-less Thunderdome to watch the lightning over the ocean and pondering his terrible, sad life.  Mets trail 4-2. 

Also celebrating Sica's birthday

It’s All Good has moved back into the thick of the race after winning 3 last week. After dropping the first 2 sets to Boarders, Bugsy arrived from the St. Francis schoolyard, and in a strategic move, put Eddie on serve to start Set 3.  Like Tom Seaver in 1969, Eddie ran into his own Jimmy Qualls when a miscommunication prevented him from completing a golden set, after successfully serving the first 20 points.  Despite the loss of the perfect game, It’s All Good went on to complete the set and match victories and has now put August 11 back on their calendar.  Eddie 20 should be ready to hurl another gem.  People want to know, "Does Bugsy have tattoos?”  What people?  On Friday the 13th the captain of the Irish Circle Jerks tied the knot.  Wish him luck and hope his new piece of jewelry doesn't affect his game.  (It may affect his post-game.)  Best wishes to Mike and Mary on a lifetime of happiness and many children.  Next week the post-game party is at the Bungalow Bar.  DJ Teddy is usually on hand and that’s when the fun begins.  Mets trail 4-3. 

Remember that the last regular season game is set for Wednesday, August 8th, and then the 2012 RBVL season ends on August 11th with the annual playoff extravaganza.  Is that possible, volleyball is almost over?  Say it ain’t so, Joe.  Years ago, when there was an end of the year party, John Sica would produce a video to be shown, of any footage he taped on the day of the finals.  Recently he has rediscovered those videos and will be putting them up on YouTube each week.  Video One showed Championship Saturday, 2006.  Now the second video has been loaded, “Disorder in the House.”  Your trivia questions for today are:  What year is it and who is singing?  Some highlights from the latest posting of the RBVL video:  Craig Carey was still jump serving.  McaGack was still playing.  Rocky’s hair was still brown.  Tommy D. still had hair.  Dicky Ferrin was still smiling.  Mark Aiken was still frowning.  Joe McGivney was still yapping.  And everyone in Rockaway was slimmer.  Mets lose 4-3. 

lock your doors

All six people on your RBVL Committee are willing to help you with any problems that come up; just take care of matters in a respectful manner.  They are always available to help out on any matters and answer your questions.  As always, if you have any questions before then please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.   

See you on the beach!