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RBVL Regular Season Ends with a Bang       

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                    8/12//11


The weather was perfect once again for the final regular season game of the 2011 RBVL season, making the final weather record 11.5 good – 0.5 bad.  The league has never had such great conditions in which to bump, set and spike.  Last week, Freedhand’s, Sal’s Auto Sandstorm and the Odd Couples clinched the Ocean, Sun Ray and Moon divisions but all of the others were up for grabs on Wednesday night.  The Wharf Rats, ROCFAM and the Rockaway Breakers all clinched their divisions by two games.  The Ocean Breeze finished with Bryans Auto Accelerators one better than Dig This and the Sun division had Coastal Real Estate nose out the Breakaways by a single game.  Only three points divided Miley’s Home Improvement Posse, Healy’s and nycwatershots.com in the Beach division and the race ended with only one point separating the three challengers with Miley taking the regular season title via a tiebreaker with nycwatershot.com.  It doesn’t get any closer than that.  Expect even more excitement on Saturday, August 13th, when the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League holds its season-ending playoff extravaganza at Riis Park.


The RBVL 2011 Playoffs are scheduled for Saturday, August 13th at 10:30 a.m. sharp. ((10:30 is both the start time and the forfeit time for game #1.)  Nets will be available for set up and practice at 9:30 a.m. and must be up by 10 a.m.  All matches are best of 5 games to 21 points – win by two points and no cap.  Round 1 will see: 1st place vs. 8th place, 2nd place vs. 7th place, 3rd place vs. 6th place & 4th place vs. 5th place.  Round 2 will see: 3rd/6th winner vs. 2nd/7th winner and 4th/5th winner vs. 1st/8th winner.  Round 3 will be for the championship in each of the nine divisions.  Some sandwiches will be provided for lunch.  Make sure that you bag and clear all of your garbage from the beach when you leave.  It’s hard to believe the RBVL regular season has come to an end.  It feels like Joe DiMaggio, when he showed up for game number 57.  Saturday is the big extravaganza it in the volleyball world; or is that Wally World?   Everyone should wear their team shirts since it is the playoffs and it’s an all day, daytime event.  Those not wearing their respective team uniforms will be required to baby sit alone, for the Octo-mom.  No cattle prong allowed.  Connolly’s dumped five games after winning five last week, or vice versa, doesn’t really matter.  More ups and downs than a merry go round.  Director of all equipment operations, Stevie G., says that several of his teammates are candidates for the all bi-polar team.  Didn’t know there were switch hitting polar bears in the league.  A Night Out has made a strong effort the last two weeks.  Although in last place they have won a total of five games in two weeks.  If they keep that pace up they will still be in last place.  Saturday looks like another opportunity for a victory or two.  Sands Point defeated first place Sal’s Auto 3-2 in five tightly contested games.  Riley’s serves along with Jake and Brandon at the net proved to be the difference.  Captain Tom Touhey would like to thank Tim and his team for sponsoring the team again.


For those of you asking, Eddie is still married and optimistic that the union will last through the playoffs and beyond.  Uncle Joe sends out a big happy birthday greeting to Ryan B. who turned the big 1-8.  Connolly’s isn’t winning too many volleyball games but they whooped the Baranhas and the Breakers on the dance floor, all while sporting their new Captain Who shirts in honor of Mr. Happy.  Maybe the Baranhas and Breakers have gotten too good and have too much strategy on their mind while they are out at the league parties.  Connolly’s has no such delusions of grandeur.  Patty would like to give a shout out to Irish Derrick from Wexley who anxiously supplemented his income by bagging cans at the beach.  Leah M actually made an appearance at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.  There was also a sighting of Lizzie Borden.  Draw your own conclusion.  Casino Tow took three from a depleted first place Bryans’ Auto.  Already down one regular, Jimmy Mack hit the sand hard with an ankle injury.  Jimmy requested some ice from grammar school buddy, Cubby’s, cooler but was denied.  Cubby politely responded that, “I would like to help you out, old friend, but I like ice cold beer, not just regular cold beer.”  I guess frozen water is thicker than blood.  Luckily, the proper ice to beer ratio was maintained and no one had to suffer drinking a less than ice cold brew.  Again, Denise was the superstar of Robin Shapiro Realty Island.  She is claiming full credit for the team’s two wins.  Because she couldn’t play two games due to league responsibilities, her team escaped with two wins.  Of course the responsibilities involved collecting the scores sheets and adjusting them for “accuracy.”


Mary Glynn of Team Margarita has brought over a secret cheerleader from Birmingham England.  She has been here since Wednesday June 29th.     She was picked up at the airport and delivered directly to the beach because Mary had a game.  Hey, welcome to America.  The league would like to extend a hearty welcome to Grace Saunders, our #1 international fan.  She is amazed that she is actually able to understand some American words.  “It appears to me that America and England are two countries separated by a common language.”  The after event party at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club was attended by several hundred  revelers who absorbed the music of Patrick Tubridy, the food of Mary Morgan of Ludwigs and the top shelf service of the staff.  Peggy Johnson stated that she would love to say something witty but is at a loss for a witticism.  Pumpkin, Becky loves you!

Happy birthday to Tom, Ryan and Maggie.  Who knew they were triplets?  Kathy McDonough is the best landlord ever!  Apparently, Kathy doesn’t mind Spaulding checks. Well, at least you can play stick ball in Brooklyn with them.  Jameson’s took the match without their best sideline player, Keith Green.  It seems they take a lot more matches when Keith is the sideline player as opposed to him actually being a sand  player.

Coastal Real Estate was able to take four out of five without number 11.   But his cooler was missed.  It seems number 11 does have a significant, integral status on the team.  The 2011 team Alliteration of the Year Award goes to Hamilton Hardware Hammerheads.  What the H is that about?     


As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach, tomorrow and then in 2012!

Rita and John celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary