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RBVL Position Week Explodes                 

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                    7/22/11

More perfect volleyball weather highlighted the 8th week of action at Riis Park and the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played an all-important position week of games in eight divisions.  Many pennant races tightened up and playoff positioning is up for grabs everywhere.  The top two teams met in hard fought battles, many of which were not decided until the final game.  Here are the results:  Ocean Breeze Division - Bryan’s Auto Accelerators 2 vs. Dig This 3; Wave - Wharf Rats 3 vs. Off the Net 2; Beach - Miley Home Improvement Posse 3 vs. NYCWATERSHOTS.COM  2; Boardwalk - Bayview 1 vs. ROC FAM 4; Sun - Coastal Real Estate 4 vs. It's All Good Tees 1; Sun Ray - Sal's Auto Sandstorm 4 vs. Le Greann 1; Moon - The Odd Couples 2 vs. Rogers Irish Setters 3 and the Star - The Social Yachties 2 vs. Rockaway Breakers 3.  Who would have thought that the Rockaway Breakers would still be in first place this late in the season?  He whose name shall not be spoken has led his squad to new and lofty heights.  (And on the dance floor, too.)  Could the team be in line for both a championship sweatshirt and more pink scarves?  Stay tuned.

What a difference another week makes.  Mr. Happy refrained from playing to rest up for his triathlon race on Thursday and the team thanked him by winning 2 games.  He trained for the big race by dropping a case of beer on his toe and cutting it severely.  Isn’t that what all of the professionals do?  His team requests that he learn to carry his alcohol more responsibly.   Tara and Megan teamed up to win game 4 for the Baranhas and then represented the squad at the Bayview with their finest “Club Clothes.”  They were decked out in sandy RBVL tank tops and shorts and it doesn’t get much sexier than that.  Wii Not Fit and Wii not giving up our prized front row table.  And Wii still thirsty.  EZ Company had a big comeback, winning the last three games. The streak was sparked by Sheila Ray and TJ Meade with an unprecedented 17 straight serves.  Mike stunned his team with his saves while Dan the Man, Fitz, Brian, Jack, Greg, Chris and EZ Ladies, Ann Meade, Ann Cordes and Dee all showed the team work that is making EZ a contender this year.  Maureen and Barbara are on the DL but were present on the sideline cheering on the team.  Cabana wins a close one 3-2 over Connolly’s and asks, “Where was Steve Gifford?”  Shannon (Cabana) blocks Jim McD (Connolly's) to put a fork in the evening.  The Blackwater Boarders got off to a great start behind the great play of Christine, setting up the men to win the first two games.  Serge was surging, Dylan was dialing, and Mary was merrying to the first two victories. Unfortunately in games 3 through 5 Sica was sick, the serves were missing, and the Boarders went down 3-2.  The only bright spot was the most loyal fan, Nicole who shows up every week to cheer on the team for better or worse.  Next year she must suit up and play.  The Flip Cup All Stars have been struggling all year, and with both teams playing short handed they managed to beat Freedhands 3-2 after dropping the first two.  Leigh Ann held down the fort in the first two losses and is ready for more playing time on the weekends on Beach 119th St.


Sands Point defeated Atlantic Service three games to two.  Josh, Reilly, Jake and Jessica (think Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice, 2011 version)   played well.   Brendan was issued a 25 MG chill pill and was asked to report to Sands Point Physical Therapy for two weeks of mental relaxation therapy.  (Seal) Moore  (named after Black Panther Bobby Seale) says he is not hurt that Debbie left the team.  He did state that Debbie is a card carrying member of the Vidkun Quisling fan club.   Remember Seal, you do have the right to remain silent.  It’s All Good went down to defeat 4 -1 at the hands of Coastal Real Estate.   Murmurs of bring back TBG could be heard on and off the court.  Strangely enough, Marybeth was leading the chorus.  Team shaman, reader and advisor, TBG was actually able to summon up the ghost of Kirby Past right in the equipment room.  Bogatell Vino played against Rathbones in a fight to the end.  (Aren’t all games played to the end?)  Bogatell Vino was losing until fan#1 Joanie showed up and cheered them to a 3-2 victory with an assisting beverage allocation.  The match is set for the BV regulars to play the sales staff of Bogatell Vino.  Look forward to a lot of wine-ing in that match.  Darren was bewitched by the two lovely blonds in the executive bathroom last week that he inadvertently walked in on.  Darren stated, “I didn’t see anything, but Kelly looked great.”  Cubby has announced a new entrepreneurial adventure.  “I was on a bus trip to Amish country   with the Daughters of the American Revolution and realized that there wasn’t one Brazilian bikini wax salon anywhere.”  Construction of his new salon is under way.  U Got Served lost 3-2 against Sets On The Beach but TJ won the dance-off for the team at the Bayview.  Bayview employee and team member, Michelle, said her team played quality ball and lost to a sound team.  I wonder what they sounded like.  Robin Shapiro Realty Island played the traitors, Arverne Avengers, and the Island would like the Avengers to take back Brian next year since it looked like he was playing for their team anyway.  Denise, in her customary role as Wonder Woman, led her team to its lone victory.    

Dig Pink and Beat Cancer.  On Saturday, 8/6, a charity volleyball tournament will be held in Jones Beach.  The available levels of play are: 6’s Recreational, 6’s Competitive, 4’s Competitive and Juniors.  It might be the perfect way to prepare for the RBVL playoffs a week later on 8/13 as well as contributing to a worthwhile cause.  For more info, visit www.bbvolleyball.com or call 516-732-2544.  The outdoor party season of the RBVL continued on the other side of the Cross Bay Bridge at the Bayview.  In 2010, they received the award for “Best RBVL Food” and 2011 featured more of the same.  Additionally, Bud and Bud Light gave out tee shirts and hats at Wednesday’s party, just another benefit the Bud Light folks tossed our way this year as part of their league sponsorship.  Additionally, Buds and Bud Lights were $2 all evening while frozen drinks were $5.  And then the RBVL kicked in its own raffle where everyone attending the party won 3 free drinks.  That was a nice touch.  If you thought the Bayview was “A Bridge Too Far,” you missed a great night on the water.  Next week the party leaves the mainland and returns to the peninsula where the Wharf will host the festivities.  Just go behind the gas station and another world awaits you.  Thanks again to Bud Light who are sponsoring the RBVL this season.  They were generous with a contribution toward the uniform costs and it is nice to see the many revelers throwing back Buds and Bud Lights at the bars after the games.  It seems many players drink beer better than they play volleyball.   Practice makes perfect! 


Captains, remember that you are responsible for your players’ actions.  If you are not handling your own squad, your entire team will suffer.  The penalties may include being declared ineligible to play in the playoffs on 8/13.  We have spent way too much time handling these matters already.  Everyone is now on notice.  These acts are totally unacceptable and will be dealt with harshly if they continue, even if it is your first offense.  Remember, we have many new refs, some of whom are learning on the job.  Some are young and some are not as young but they all are trying their best to call the games fairly.  They do not have an ax to grind with any of our teams and we need you to treat them with respect.  That’s even when you disagree with their calls. 


Two unlocked bikes were stolen Wednesday so please beware and be careful.  While we are all on the beach playing ball there is no one on guard on the boardwalk watching the bikes.  Our weekly clean-up is being watched very closely so do not let up.  You must continue to bring your garbage bags and pack and lug your empties away from Riis Park.  Empties cannot be left at the top of the stairs around the single garbage can, even if they are in bags.  (This week was a good week.)  When we leave the area, birds rip the bags apart and garbage gets strewn across the area.  I think you all realize how critical this is to our remaining at Riis Park.  Also, return volleyball bags as soon as play is finished.   The reason you see the large spotlight on you is not because we are searching for the Lindberg baby.  We are looking for nets that are lying on the sand next to hydrating players.  Odd as it seems, we would rather be in a sponsor bar than a dank dusty equipment room.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach!