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Rain?  What Rain?
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By John Sica                                                               7/16/10


Volleyball action resumed Wednesday night on another perfect weather night at Riis Park.  Perfect if you were a duck!  Amazingly enough, players found out that playing in wet weather with no wind was much more enjoyable than a sunny, windy evening, once you got past being soggy.  Commissioner Patty wants to apologize for being a bit crazed for chasing sane people out of cover of the rain onto the beach, but in the end she was right.  Her great call on the rain started off what turned out to be a great night.  Thanks to Megan from Sal’s Auto Sandstorm who helped get people moving to the courts.  She ain’t afraid of no rain.  Those woosies needed a kick in the butt and in the end they showed up at the Bungalow Bar soaking wet and smiling from ear to ear.  The Side Out Babes beat the Wharf Rats 4-1, after realizing that their real name was SOB’s, side out babes.  Great playing by everyone, especially Dancer with his quick reflexes and cheerleading abilities!  They have one question for Kara who is 18, are you still tired?  They hope Steve Collins is winning as much in Las Vegas as his team.  Former icon, Rusty, missed the Breakers match because he had to get up early Thursday morning to head up to Niagara Falls.  Perhaps he had heard that it wasn’t going to be there for another 50,000 years or so.  While he was away, Cousin John from Ireland came to town and was much more helpful to the team.  He promises to be present next Wednesday as well.  And if a transfer fee is paid to AC Milan, he may join the team for the entire 2011 season.  Rusty, who’s your daddy?  While you were home sleeping, Vinny and the Bar Flies were busting moves left and right all over the back deck.  It doesn’t look like the party competition is much of a competition after all.

Paul the Octopus, the renowned oracle, selected Spain to win the World Cup final against the Netherlands, giving him a near perfect record in the World Cup.  When asked to predict the outcome of the Brooklyn Doors – Casino Towing match, Paul chose Casino.  His streak was kept alive when Casino edged Brooklyn 3-2 in a hard fought battle.  (Sammy the Sand Shark also made a prediction but could not reveal it as he was afraid Cubby would turn him into sushi.)  Something happened in that match that had never happened before in league history.  Rocky faced off across the net against Cubby in an official league match for the first time ever.  That is if “across the net” means Rocky was on the court playing and Cubby was under a banana yellow umbrella on the sidelines.  It is a well known fact that Cubby owns game 6 (and the 19th hole) in a league that only schedules 5 games per evening.  After Casino’s win, Peninsula Hospital has already reported an increase in newborns named Rocky and a sharp decline in babies named Cubby.  The early Wave headline, “Cubby Roofs Rocky to Spark Team” had to be scrapped until next season.

The details of the annual RBVL awards party were confirmed last week.  This year’s extravaganza will return to Jameson’s, which did a great job in hosting last year’s affair.  And Tommy Tunes will be spinning the music to insure you will hear the songs you love.  In the past, many people have asked that the awards dinner be held right after the season and this year that’s the way it’s going to be.  August 20th is the big day.  That’s the Friday after the playoffs.  Mark it down on your calendars and make your plans accordingly.  $50 will get you food, music and 4 ½ hours open bar.  Denise and Patty will accept deposits or payments in full starting now.

TC and Keith led Jameson’s into the Bungalow Bar for their weekly appearance at the party but this time they came early enough to get some ink.  They are in the running with Brooklyn Window and Door for “Best Late Night Party Team.”  And in this league that’s one of the more important championships.  Last week John Brennan of Connolly’s promised a 5-0 sweep of the Federation this week.  He was so confident that he bet a case of beer.  Not only was he not there to see it, neither was anyone else from his team because the Federation swept Connolly’s away 5-0.  Hey big John, Sean wants his case of beer.  The Federation didn’t even have to bring star player, Greg Tracey for the rout.  Sean was chasing down balls all night and sending them to Ryan Ford for the kills.  O’Hagan and Sullivan played well as did Heidi, Maureen, and Ellie.  Another Connolly’s practice on Monday night produced another zero wins.  All of the extra work seems to really be paying off, no?  Renee has put in a 9-1-1 call for the Volleyball Whisperer to save Simon Says Sea Bar from self-destructing.  Joe P. notes that the team goes in the cage and the cage goes on the beach.  The Atlantic Service Sand Shark's are on the beach- our sand sharks!  5-0!  I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

The men of Last Call played very distracted tonight.  MacGyver and the weight watcher spokesperson only had one thing on their minds - The Hills of Brokeback Mountain, Bottom Butter, Lotramin, and Pads.  They had better get their heads into the game for next week or El Torro will be recruiting for Last Call.  Right now, Last Call and Comeback Cats are battling it out for 58th place.  Age will prevail.  Kate the Great was auditioning for the Hooters wet t-shirt competition tonight.  Dan the Man, reminded everyone to take off their wet bathing suits because they wouldn’t want a fungus among us.  Air Steinberg had his “A” game on tonight with the thoughts of the espresso martini challenge.  Beware guys; the whole team will be hyped up.  Big Brown and Frankie D were smoking tonight as always.  Rumor has it that J and J are testing their new net.  Make sure you don’t get sand on your satin sheets.  Good luck to the beer boy, as he gets tied to a corn stalk, all buttered up on his Iowa bike tour.  Sands Point won 5-0.  What else can you say except that Neil, Brendan, Eddie, Jessica and Katey are hungry to get back to the top?  Carol Farrell was on the sidelines but she participated by playing it like a Wii game.  Sands Point Physical Therapy was proud of the effort of Robin Shapiro Island who played with a lot of heart.  The Bungalow Bar was honored to have another week of Long Trail sponsored festivities.  Every Volleyball player that ordered a Long Trail received a custom Bungalow Bar/Long Trail T Shirt thanks to regional sales manager Billy Hofmann.  Not only was the beer delicious, but the shirt was necessary after a rainy cold night.  The Beach Bums have dominated the Sun Division this year and there is no sunset in sight.  This week they faced the Harbor Light and despite good play from the Light, it was not enough.  The legend of the Beach Bums has attracted fans from as far away as Fresno, CA, who flew in to JFK on time, despite the storm, to recruit east coast player ready to go out west.  Scouts, Jim, Claudette, and Tristan have contracts ready to sign for many of their players.  The west coast recruiters were impressed with Glenn putting on chap stick despite the near dark conditions.  For their next match, he will probably bring plenty of moisturizer if it rains.  The Bums might not see Kristen for two weeks as she may be out in Cali checking out her new digs.

Captain Dan of the Snotty Yachties finally decided to make a guest appearance now that it is week six.  Perhaps he thought games were cancelled if it didn’t rain.  His only good directive as captain was appointing Mike Sturgis as Dean of Discipline.  Let it be known, The Social Yachties have rejected a challenge match from the Snotty Yachties.  The Socials would rather bask in their glory days of a 1-0 win in 2007 then defend the BHYC cup against the Snotty’s.  Jack McCann, age seven, won the rock collection spackle bucket contest with 43 pounds of pure asphalt.  The Social Yachties will now be known as the Un-Social Yachties due to the fact they can only send one of 35 players to the post volleyball festivities.  Thank you, Nancy.  At least you had fun while your teammates watched George Steinbrenner highlights.  The Land Sharks finally won 5-0, perhaps because they are really an aquatic creature and needed the rain to feel at home.  After only winning 3 games all year, they have a new motto, “pray for rain.”  The Breakaways won only two this week as Terry was making sure her fingernails would not break away, while she was having a manicure.  Meanwhile Christina and Wayne were in Punta Canta trying out for the Caribbean Volleyball League.   But the real action was in the bar when The Snotty Yachties pushed the Breakaways away from the bar to order their drinks and steal their free shirts.  Look out next week when they may steal the shirts off your back, Yachties.  The guys might be more embarrassed than the girls.


EZ Company took only one game from the young turks who are in first place.  Barbara, Sheila, Ann and Maureen were not intimidated by the first place team, but if their male counterparts could learn how to “bump,” “set” and have some confidence in their better half, the females on the team, they could have a better chance, and learn.  Kerry Hills knows Its Five O’clock Somewhere, but they took four games from them.  I guess its One O’clock Somewhere now. Sean Regan was still in custody of the authorities without his lifejacket in the shallow end of the pool while he should have been playing.  He was saving it for the match because of the rain.  After 15 tries, Cody finally spiked the ball.  It could be the start of something big.  Poor Kerry threw out her back while Brady was enjoying a cocktail hobnobbing with the pretty people, who are very few in this league.  Mike Stone was on a fictitious bachelor party in parts unknown on a Wednesday night.  I hope Wendy’s wasn’t crowded.  In the Ocean Division, it was a battle of the Metro Sexuals, pitting Baby-Wipes Kevin Papa (Sullivan and Galleshaw) versus Chest Shaving Richie Whalen (Freedhands).  Kevin was firing on all cylinders, spanking the ball into the sand, needing the baby wipes to keep it clean for the former dynasty.  As they looked out on the Atlantic Ocean they noticed that the tide was turning.  The current champs, the Sugar Bowl, were upset about being punished with a 5-0 loss for a roster move and took it out on the Flip Cup All Stars beating them 5-0.  The All Stars demonstrated once again that they can’t put a team away while leading late.  What’s up with that?  Practice Sunday on John Sica’s birthday!  The host of the night, the Bungalow Bar Flies, only won one game, but played their hearts out and were closer than the score indicated.  They didn’t even know who they played because they were topless in the rain.  Let’s hope they were on Bay 1 where that is legal.  At the time of this writing, the Bar Flies were the favorite to win the dance competition at the Bungalow Bar.  The Bungalow Bar is hosting a Bruce Springsteen cover band on July 30th, $40 for music and open bar.  Call for reservations and details.

When the RBVL season is over it doesn’t mean volleyball is done.  You can play ball and help out a worthy cause at Peyton's FUN Raiser: Beach Volleyball Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, August 28th, from 10 PM - 3 PM, Rain or Shine, at Bay 9 in Riis Park Beach (Beach 155th Street and the Boardwalk).  The Benefit is for the son of Pat and Jacqueline Tansey from Robin Shapiro Island and it will be a fun, family-oriented event for all levels of play- competitive 4's and recreational 6's. Prepaid $50 donation (or $300 for team of 6) includes participation in the games, tank top, food and entertainment. $60 Donation on the day of the event and it's based on openings. Players MUST be age 14 and up. Teams will be divided by their requested level of play. There may be separate divisions for the FDNY and NYPD, depending on demand.  Raffles and 50/50 tickets will be sold and prizes awarded at the tournament. A Small Volleyball Clinic for Children will be provided along with other favorite activities. Children (under 12) are FREE (with a participating adult). Therefore, please be sure to register your children as well. The donation is $20 for Non-Player Attendees. Bring your coolers, beach chairs, and sunscreen and have fun as you help raise money for a very worthy cause!  Check www.pathwaysforpeyton.org     for forms and details.

Remember – when you set up the net next week and something is missing or broken, let Steve or Rocky know immediately.  That’s why they are in the equipment room right up until game time.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!