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RBVL Looking Good

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                                                                    7/2/10

More Pictures click here

There was something very different about the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League this week.  In case you had not noticed, the league was actually in uniform.  The shirts finally arrived just in time for week five!  And did they look good!  Timing is everything.  Apparently the vendor tried to put extra staff on in China to complete the job but couldn’t find any people.  How do you lose two billion people?  Seriously, the magnitude of the league and the uniform order seemed to overwhelm our long-time supplier and he struggled to finish the work.  Thanks for understanding that once in a while these things can happen.  Onward and upward!

Murph (TBG) was noticed walking around with a little more strut in his step this week.  Maybe the new uniform shirt gives you more confidence.  Murph claimed, “It’s not that.  I just did some genealogical research and found out that I am descended from royalty.  I traced my roots back to the Neanderthals of upper Europe.”  During the Middle Ages, the king granted the Murphy family a Coat of Arms, which depicted a wooden cask of mead embossed with a 2 for 1 sign.  The most interesting man in the league, and possibly the world, Cubby was holding court at the Cubby hole.  Remember, Cubby doesn’t always drink beer (For example, when he is sleeping) but when he does, it is usually out of a 40 ounce can.  Not only does he speak nine languages but after several 40’s he speaks fluent gibberish - - - in broken English!

Just a friendly reminder – when you set up the net next week and something is missing or broken, let Steve or Rocky know immediately.  That’s why they are in the equipment room right up until game time.  Of course, that’s also why their bumping and spiking in the first game is a little shaky.  They always miss warm-ups.  If they are not advised of the problems they will spill over to the next week.   Axiomatically speaking: if you DON’T see something, SAY something.

Casino Tow battled Jameson’s in five tight, well-played games.  Sarah McCarthy, Lauren GaNun and Brianne Johnston lifted the old men of Casino Towing to a four to one victory.  Teenage women power!  The young ladies didn’t realize that they would actually have to tow the heavy trucks otherwise known as Joe, Rocky, Stan and CB on the sands of Riis Park.  Let’s hope their backs are strong; it’s a long season.  Sarah returned from her CPR class just in time to resuscitate several of the old geezers who have trouble making it through a typical Wednesday night.  Trish is very happy to be back at her old position of “Emergency Girl”, where it will take a real emergency to get her back on the court.  Helen Bonade gets this week’s “Long Distance Fan” award, having flown in from Tamarac, Florida just to see what Joe McGivney really does on Wednesdays.

Tonight’s host, Connolly’s, lost the first three games to the Cabana, Long Beach, NY but bounced back to take the last two.  The difference was donning the team shirt after the third loss.  Lisa Brennan’s broken leg obviously got Connolly’s off on the wrong foot.  There was a rare sighting of Mrs. Happy at Connolly’s.   And who could really blame her if she were not so happy, what with being married to Mr. Happy, who is not really very happy when you look at it closely.  At the party, a Connolly’s player commented on the stellar play of Regina Carey and many male attendees at Connolly’s were lamenting the fact that the bikini contests went the way of rotary dial phones.  (At least thirty percent of league members reading this just asked, “What the heck is a rotary phone?”)  DJ Deidre Roberts spun tunes from the 70’s and 80’s and beyond keeping the crowd stomping and bopping.  She played a great mix of music from Johnny Cash to The Saw Doctors.  And you could enjoy the music and still carry on a conversation.  Perfect.  Patty and Simon represented their respective teams at Connolly’s.  Unfortunately, they represented their respective teams on the sand, too.  The Best Party team of the night award had to go to the host team, Connolly’s.  They were out in force and dancing like fools.  (With their pants on the ground?)   How many burgers & hot dogs did you have, Mr. Brennan?  Breakaways Who?  Barflies Who?

The founding president of the RBVL, Sue Brown, visited the beach for the first time in a few years and she was in awe of the size and beauty of the league.  She looked great and was thrilled to see that many friends from the old days are still playing.  She also confirmed that the initial season of the RBVL was 1989.  That means this is year #22 for those mathematically challenged readers.  Isn't it funny that there have only been three presidents of this long running league and each one has been a woman?  Who's the stronger sex?  Women rule, men drool!  The refs were overheard on the boardwalk planning a roller derby team move to eat first and run at Connolly’s.   However, the rumor of a one drink minimum forced the refs to hit the “Home” button on their GPS navigators.

In the Sun division, the Beach Bums took another five bringing their record to 19 and 1.  Dana finally dove for a ball to husband Joe’s amazement.  Joe started searching the sky for Halley’s Comet after that.  Kristen finally ran out of excuses and was forced to make an appearance.  Sands Point beat Suns of Beaches four games to one, winning game three after being down eleven to two.  Donna Ward took advantage of the bright sun while serving thirteen in a row.  She may need to take her sore arm to Sands Point Therapy.  The Bungalow Bar Flies lost three to two despite the fact that Vinny turned twenty seven two days ago. Happy birthday, Vinny!  The Arverne Avengers are a new team that’s off to a good start, currently in second place in the Sun division.  The Bar Flies held their own against a very talented team.   “Bungalow Bar flies fly high, no lie, we be buzzzin.”  Just seconds before deadline, a report has been received that team A.S.S.  aka Atlantic Service Sandsharks are BACK on the escalator again!

This is your final reminder that the RBVL has gone “green” and the 2010 Rules and 2010 Schedules are now corrected and posted on the website.  This saved thousands of pages of copies being printed.  We asked that you send an e-mail (jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com) on Thursdays with a quick summary of the previous night’s ref even if you don’t know his name.  Please make sure to include your team name with your e-mail.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!