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RBVL Off and Running  By Rocky D.  6/4/10

Opening night 2010 and 68 teams came to play ball.  All reports came in that things went smooth and no conflict for space arose with our neighbors.   Just a couple of friendly reminders:  All nets are assigned by court number.  Net number 9 goes to court number 9.  At the beginning of each year there are always a few people who forget or are unaware.   They take the wrong net, get to their court and see a net being set up, and drop the mis-taken net at their court. That leaves the proper net owners combing the beach like a Sherpa guide looking for  their net.  This happened three times opening night.  That number should shrink to zero in week two.  Casino Tow went toe to toe (sorry) with the Mahooshkas, who eventually prevailed, three games to two.  Gregory Gentile paced the Mahooshkas with strong blocks and digs with Sarah McCarthy and Lauren Ganun towing (and serving) the line for Casino.  Connolly’s defeated Healy’s in a few to one match.  Mr. Happy (Stevie) is still trying to learn what, “I got it” means – not only on the volleyball court but when having a round of drinks at the host bar, Blackwater.  Jim McDonough showed up late for the game.  His excuse - he was cooking Weight Watcher pop tarts for the family.  Sands Point bested Sal’s Auto 3-2.  Brendan, Neal, Jess and Kaitlyn led the team and John and Donna brought up the rear.  Tom would like to thank Tim Rhors of Sands Point Physical Therapy for sponsoring the team this year.  They are always available for sprained ankles and crushed pride.  Joe McGivney was spotted at Blackwater talking at length to league participants.  It appears that Joe’s conversational switch is stuck in the on position.  If anyone has a suggestion for setting his switch to neutral please notify the league officers immediately. 

Its All Good was spanked thoroughly, completely and without pity 5-0.  No show Seal Moore was spotted entering Bed, Bath and Beyond for their post Memorial Day sale on bed skirts.   Bugsy delivered a two beer post game thrashing, which had players more exhausted from the tongue lashing than the spanking.   Cubby was a no show at the Cubby Hole.  Jim Mack says Cubby banged in with a strong tickle in his throat.   It appears to be more of a low testosterone count.   I guess the most interesting man in the world had a dull night.  Probably home reading Latin in Spanish.  Stay thirsty, Cubby.  The Rockaway y Breakers made their 2010 initial appearance at the Blackwater but still no Rusty. Apparently he was busy doing stunt work for his doppelganger, Sully the hero pilot.  The Bar Flies appeared somewhat intimidated by the sudden appearance of the Breakers at Blackwater.  (Say that fast three times)   It’s kind of like having a biker gang show up at your wedding. Rumor has it that Rusty is already working on special distractions to help him take down Vinny and the Bar Flies in the annual dance-off.  I’m afraid to ask how cowboy boots and cutoff jeans are going to do the trick. 

Sullivan and Gallishaw took three from the last year’s Ocean Breeze champs, Flip Cup All Stars, despite Bobby Whalen’s drop serve into the net on game point. As Billy Joel once sang - Pressure! The All Stars were missing the happy couple, Mike Sica and Liz Murphy who were on a cruise to deliver humanitarian aid to the Bahama's.  However they did have the band Polly-O's bassist, Nonie Finn Kellerher.  Nonie played well after shaking off the rust of a long winter.  For Sullivan Rich McDade was in midseason form, a blocking machine.    Teams assigned to play by the ocean spent more time in tho ocean than on the beach.  I guess they didn’t realize that they had signed up for water polo.  Blackwater put out a nice variety of food with  the effervescent Katie Salica and crew providing  the libations for the school night crowd. Last week, the White Horse Tavern Beach Posse missed the practice night photo op at Grassy’s but still qualify for the perfect attendance award since they were there early and in good numbers.  They had quite a bit of fun playing an intra-squad game and are ready to take on all opponents.  They are very grateful to be one of the newly admitted teams in the Beach Division.  On 5/26, Rathbones took all three games from the Brooklyn Transplants thanks to their new additions, Hot Rod O’Connor, who was all over the net and Lindsay DeBoer (16 years old) who had seven consecutive aces at the start of game three.  All seven were served to archrival Eamon Charles before she lofted one over the end line to lose her serve. Rathbones is going to be a force to be reckoned with and they are expecting to be in the top three all season before winning it all. 

The first night back on the beach ran smoothly with the help of many players who pitched in wherever it was needed.   That’s the kind of cooperation that makes the league great.  Thank you for getting off on the right foot and keep up the good work.  We need that assistance weekly.  As veterans know, the court layouts change often because of the endangered birds.  Come early each Wednesday and check the information board to find out where you are playing.   

Some of the new refs were shown the ropes by Joe, Denise and Patty, including where to buy yellow and red cards.  They also attended a seminar to review rules and regulations and expectations for the upcoming matches.  Everyone was reminded again of three rules that will be enforced this year at every level of play without exception:

1. ALL net violations must be called – no exceptions

2. NO underhand lift or reverse underhand throws are allowed.  (The only exception is on a hard-driven ball, like the ones the TV pros hit.)

3. NO reaching over the net to interfere with a ball unless your opponent is directing the ball to your side of the court.

For those players who think that this results in too many whistles and say, “We just want to play,” get used to it.  Remember, we all just want to play - - - volleyball!  Not jungle ball! 

Most of you have offered your assistance many times over the years and now we really need it, especially with a record 68 teams playing.  We have many new refs, some of whom are learning on the job but they all are trying their best to call the games fairly.  Believe me, they do not have an ax to grind with any of our teams and we need you to treat them with respect.  (There has been some slippage in this department the last two seasons.)  However, we want them to improve their performance, too.  To that end, please send us an e-mail (jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com) on Thursdays with a quick summary of the previous night’s ref.  We’ll know who it was because we keep track of that stuff.  It can be simply, “Ref was great.”  Or give us some detail, “Ref called no net violations”, Ref called too many carries” or “He called the game tighter than any ref this year”.  You get the idea – brief and to the point, both good and bad.  Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

Captains who have handed in unsigned rosters must now get them signed.  SIGNED rosters must be in by week three (6/16) at the latest.  However, there is really no reason you can’t take care of that at the beach before your first game. As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.   

See you on the beach!