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RBVL Heads for Home

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By Rocky D.                                                               8/6/10

 The wind blew but the rains held off as the RBVL entered their penultimate week.  Just for the sake of being hackneyed: Where did the summer go?  It seems that the summer ends several days after the 4th of July.  The Arverne Avengers were revenging their losses against Sal’s Auto by winning one game. Had it been less windy with cleaner sand they might have actually won a second game, particularly because Melisa was showing off for her grandmother.  Referee Tony Carty was recently voted least likely to make the final round of jeopardy.   Then he finally broke down and bought Patty a beer.  Washington D.C. has been notified and they will issue a commemorative coin to memorialize this historic singular event.   Ref Jerry Nappo broke new ground for a referee and bought both Patty and Steve a beer.  The rest of the refs are edgy about this excessive new standard.  You must feel sorry for people who don’t go out and over imbibe after volleyball.  When they wake up early the next morning, that’s the best they are going to feel all day.  No looking forward to the late afternoon to start feeling better. 

The real team leader of the Breakers, Colleen, showed up at the Sugar Bowl to provide leader ship and set an example.  The team proved to be quick learners.  The Breakers lost all five to the Comeback Cats but won the real contest by putting up a nine spot (number of team mates) at the Bowl.  Former team leader, Rusty, acknowledges the power transfer.  All Hail Colleen!  Side Out Babes played against Healy’s Rat Pack and every game was close with Healy’s edging ahead three games to two.   Hey, dig this news:  Patty dug (absorbed) a Mach II spike from Karch Healy resulting in a perfect pass to the net.  Hot dig - - ity dog!  Sands Point lost the match to Atlantic Service Sand Sharks four to one but Eddie was the key to the Sands Point lone victory.  Moral and physical assistance are always available on Thursdays at Sands Point Physical Therapy.  The Beach Bums have threatened to “smoke” Coastal Real Estate in the playoffs.  TBG (how many “texters” know that acronym?)  has announced that he has exceeded his fun and frivolity quota for the year and has joined Puritans Anonymous.

Bobby Butler and Jenna Baker of the band IndaCulture set a great musical mix for the crowd to rock, roll and stroll the evening away.  The Bar Flies have filed an official complaint with the Associated Press over their lack of coverage while karaoking at the Bayview.   However, the Breakers, along with Me and My Bobby Magee, could be heard at the Ambrose Lighthouse. 

While Tricia and Brian Sica were at Westbury “Counting Crows,” their teammates were counting zeroes against Freedhand’s.  John Sica was spotted at the Sugar Bowl on three of the last five days.  There goes the neighborhood.  Casino Tow lost four to Coppersmith’s although three games went to overtime.  Charlie Brady was noticeably absent due to an itchy tooth.  Be on the lookout for a retired fireman breaking into his old firehouse to feast while leaving his Connolly’s teammates to eat cold pizza at Shevlin’s house.   Mr. Happy will be crying in his beer at Connolly’s bar this weekend.  Benedict Arnold, AKA John Maroney, won’t be getting any action soon after beating his wife and friends, five games to none.

Just to change things up for the playoffs, we have booked a Milli Vanilli tribute band instead of a DJ.  Cubby and the crew promised to make an appearance at the Bowl.  Their appearance was defiantly put in question when Cubby was spotted marking his territory at the Hole, much like lions on the Serengeti Plain mark their turf.  Frank GaNun was in great spirits and just ecstatic about flying out to Los Angeles this week for a wedding and missing the playoffs and a chance to defend his Ocean Division title.  Simon of Simon Says was last seen leaving the Bowl running down the main road after a tow truck with his vehicle “on the hook.”  Ouch!  Special thanks to James Reilly for putting out the parking passes for Bowl bound revelers.  Robin Shapiro Realty Island has two Quasi Moto’s on the team but was barely able to win their match.  The only reason they won was due to the old ladies.  Colleen said she had a great time.  With whom?  Robin Shapiro Island appreciated the great sportsmanship of Suns’s of Beaches.  The standings belie the close games played.  The Atlantic Service Sandsharks AKA team A.S.S. was led by one Roberto Ryandez (aka rubber toe) and his Latin swagger to a 4-1 victory.  The wins just keep on coming.  Get your popcorn ready.  Regulators, mount up. 

The party animals of the Rockaway Breakers are making their 2nd trip into Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to the Kettle Black on Tuesday 8/24 to see Joe “Abbracciamento” McGivney’s band, Gearth, Wind & Fireman.  Hopefully, executive ladies, Denise and Patty will be in tow again as well.  You know the icon, Rusty, will be there with bells (and cowboy boots?) on.  As a reminder, the top 8 teams (or 4 in the Ocean division) in any division make the playoffs.  For the Ocean, Ocean Breeze, Wave and Moon Divisions, that means everyone.  For the Beach, Boardwalk, Sun and Star Divisions, that means the top 8 teams only.  The 9th and 10th place teams will not make the playoffs.  Adjust your lineups accordingly.


This year’s annual RBVL awards party extravaganza will return to Jameson’s, which did a great job in hosting last year’s affair.  And our very own Tommy Tunes will be spinning the music to insure you will hear the songs you love.  In the past, many people have asked that the awards dinner be held right after the season and this year that’s the way it’s going to be.  August 20th is the big day.  That’s the Friday after the playoffs.  Mark it down on your calendars and make your plans accordingly.  $50 will get you food, music and 4 ˝ hours open bar.  Denise and Patty will accept deposits or payments in full starting now.  Space is limited so the party is “First come – first served.”  Dress casual and wear your best Hawaiian shirt.

When the RBVL season is over it doesn’t mean volleyball is done.  You can play ball and help out a worthy cause at Peyton's FUN Raiser: Beach Volleyball Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, August 28th, from 10 PM - 3 PM, Rain or Shine, at Bay 9 in Riis Park Beach (Beach 155th Street and the Boardwalk).  The Benefit is for the son of Pat and Jacqueline Tansey from Robin Shapiro Island and it will be a fun, family-oriented event for all levels of play- competitive 4's and recreational 6's. Prepaid $50 donation (or $300 for team of 6) includes participation in the games, tank top, food and entertainment. $60 Donation on the day of the event and it's based on openings. Players MUST be age 14 and up. Teams will be divided by their requested level of play. There may be separate divisions for the FDNY and NYPD, depending on demand.  Raffles and 50/50 tickets will be sold and prizes awarded at the tournament. A Small Volleyball Clinic for Children will be provided along with other favorite activities. Children (under 12) are FREE (with a participating adult). Therefore, please be sure to register your children as well. The donation is $20 for Non-Player Attendees. Bring your coolers, beach chairs, and sunscreen and have fun as you help raise money for a very worthy cause!  DJ Tommy Tunes will provide the music.  Flyers and entry forms will be available the next two weeks on the boardwalk.  Check www.pathwaysforpeyton.org for forms and details.

Remember – when you set up the net next week and something is missing or broken, let Steve or Rocky know immediately.  That’s why they are in the equipment room right up until game time.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!