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RBVL Enters the Home Stretch for 2009

By John Sica and Joe McGivney

For 2009, the Boardwalk Division is unique in the RBVL in that it is the only division that will not send everyone to the playoffs.  The race for the last playoff spots is between Boarders Surf Shop 21, the Bayview Baracudas 19, Rathbones 15 and the Harbor Light Brooklyn Transplants 13.  Two teams will make it and two teams will not.  Of course, the 9th and 10th place teams will be invited to play each other on 8/8 for their very own championship.  There might even be a case of beer in it for the winner.  (Who needs one of those sweatshirts anyway?)  Good luck to all coming down the stretch!  Casino Towing got in the win column with a 4-1 score over Jameson’s in another very tight match, which is all you find when you look at the Ocean Breeze results this season.  Mr. Happy is running out of duct tape and he’s still bleeding weekly.  Thankfully his previously injured goinectakazoid has healed.  The old TBG – Tim Murphy is ready to unleash the paparazzi on the RBVL’s Branjoline.  The new TBG – The Big Goldberg sparked his squad again.  Is Tommy “Moose” Reilly really retiring – from volleyball?  What’s next, Cubby retiring from work?  Wait a minute, I think that already happened.  Denise used her one allotted sick day last week and was back on the job Wednesday and everything seemed to run a little smoother.  However, it’s good to know that Mini-Denise, Caroline, is ready to step in whenever needed.

Freedhands had lost two out of the last four but got back on track with a 3-2 win.  The perennial champs are facing their toughest challenge this year with the new format of a four team top division.  For the first time this season, the Flip Cup All Stars did not win the match.  They got their wake up call in the first game when they were spanked 21-5.  However The Big Mahooshka’s proved it was not a fluke by winning the second game 21-15.  The All Stars responded with a spanking of their own winning 21-5 in game three but in the crucial game 4 the Mahooshka’s prevailed despite Brian Sica’s jump serve come back.  The All Stars won the 5th game.  Sully, Jay Freehand, Terrance, Boris, all were at the top of their game for the Mahooshka’s.  Chris and Troy had some big hits.  Nancy and Chris made sure that Ava and Judy knew that they held down the fort while Ava was lost in the woods and Judy was losing weight (Richard Thomas).  It was noted that the elder Sica returned to action and the team suffered their first loss of the summer.  Coincidence or not?  August 8th should be very interesting.  Kristen came back with a vengeance, leading the Bay House Babes to a 4-0 lead going into game five.  With her team down 20-14 in game five she ran off five straight points to put the sweep within reach.  Unfortunately Mother Nature took her last serve into the net.  Maybe Brian’s orange bandanna distracted her.  Jason had many hard hits and will be sorely missed in the finals.  Dancer’s inspiration and consistent play was pivotal in game three.  Happy Birthday, Moe #2.  By the way Katy Salica did not play this week.

What a day it was for the Come Back Cats! O’Sullivan’s arm was as strong as a bat. Tommy Kimball had a great kick start, while Teeny Mags bumped her heart out.  Jackie Gear had the block of the year, while Nora Howard played without any fear. Vincent Geary may lead the team, but Catie O’Rourke’s cheers are never mean!  Jackie Kimball, what a great job and the Triathlon Trio, getting work done just like the mob.  Kaitie DeFonz was really using her head without a helmet, and the Sledge Hammer Sheila took out all the lead.  Hayden and Skip helped with assisting, and Ryan Atwood’s serves really killed with a sting.  Even though BAR 13 was two for five against the Bar-Flies, they will be back next week with more bumps, sets and spikes… meow!  Good Vibrations abounded in the match.  When the net fell down it was a mutual social event as both teams collaborated on the party.  The Bar Flies would like to thank league officials for the great job they are doing running the league.  The league officials would like to thank the Bar-Flies for their youthful enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  It’s a mutual admiration society.  The Bar-Flies, as always, added to their uniforms making them the best in the league with their colorful flying insect addition.  Diane Ward was on fire!  The Armenian rocket showed her true colors tonight.  The Irish Circle has mandated that she must start each match with two Corona’s.  Captain Erin insists that you need your vitamin C.  That was good enough for two wins against Snotty Yachty’s, who were a pleasure to play against.  They showed true Rockaway sportsmanship and camaraderie.  The Circle realized that “Long Shanks” Billy Hoffman, needs alternating weeks to play good.  This was one of those good weeks.  Stay home next week Long Shanks.  Happy Birthday to Susan, thanks for inspiring us. 

Kerry Hills broke out of their slump by beating the Von Trapp family AKA the Bayview Barracuda’s.  Although the matches were competitive, the Hills won 4-1 in another fun match.  The Hills incorporated their new philosophy of only “positive vibes.”  Somey did not test positive in one game.  Rob tried to show his Mets that just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you have to give up; he played great with his bogus pulled muscle in the chest injury.   For all you male chauvinists out there, Girl Power prevailed as the 4-2 format was reversed for one victory, 4 girls and 2 guys.  Kevin Egan and Somey celebrated their birthdays with the win.  Last Call’s beer boy was at home debating whether to bring his pink noodle or go out and get a new set of floaties after his swim with Big Brown, which ended with him crying like a four year old, “Help me, help me.”  Is he afraid of dangerous Donnie?  Zsa Zsa was observed giving the MVP a run for her money.  Danny “Two Times” played twice as hard to win.  Club photographer Blondie was lacking in her duties, as her eye was caught frolicking over the beach.  Johnny Angel is by far their most improved player as he approaches the level of his better half. Tommy Dalgish would like to report that there is nothing to report: his team still stinks.  He does not blame it on an anonymous missing Federal Agent. 

The Wharf had a tough act to follow after the Summer Winds party but they did a fine job.  Kudos to the staff for handling the huge monstrosity known as the RBVL.  They were running harder than most of the players do during the actual volleyball games.  The food was good, diverse and plentiful, including an RBVL first – Fish Tacos!  What a nice surprise.  Scheduling the Wharf toward the end of the season because of its outdoor facilities paid off in spades.  What a great time!  Maureen Collins did it again – Super Woman!  And now a word from our roving reviewer: The Wharf had a BBF Vegetarian turn pescaterian for their bangin’ fried fish tacos filled with an amazing lemony cole slaw.  I will come back strictly for them.  Please put them on the menu!  Wing Zings are always a sure bet - crunchy wings where the meat falls right off the bone.  Good choice!  Rice or pasta?  Rice!  It’s buttery and who doesn't love eating two thousand of something!  The date has been set for the annual RBVL Awards Dinner and that date is Friday, August 28th. Many of you have asked the league to hold the dinner in August rather than September and we are going to give it a try.  Line up your babysitters and car services and make preparations; it promises to be a blast again.  Further details will be made available next week; for now, just save the date.

Next week the league heads west to the Sugar Bowl, which will feature live music by Indaculture, discounted Buds and Coors Lights, along with and an outdoor lighted sand volleyball court, where a few grudge matches might be decided.  Passes and tokens are available at the gate but bicycling is a good way to go.   The easiest way to park a car is at the stores on the right hand side after you go through the gate and walk down Bedford to the Sugar Bowl.  Be advised it is a fairly long but pleasant walk.  If you have a bike, Rocky has offered to load up his truck and give you a ride over from Riis Park.  If you prefer to bike over you can go through Fort Tilden along Shore Road, exiting at the Silver Gull.  However you get there we hope to see you at our second stop in Breezy Point.  We have alerted Shore Car Service (718-474-7100) that the RBVL traveling circus is making its next stop in Breezy Point.  They assure us that they will continue to keep on extra drivers for us and they will not be far from the Sugar Bowl.   Let us know how you make out if you try them.

Finally, remember to take a garbage bag or two from home for your empties at the beach and toss the whole bag into the dumpster as you walk to the parking lot.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.  Now for your weekly reminder and countdown – there are only two more weeks left in the regular season.  After the Sugar Bowl, the last regular season party of the year will be held at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on 8/5.  Don’t hold anything back on the courts or afterwards at the parties.  Make sure you mark your calendar for the 2009 RBVL Playoffs which will be held all day at Riis Park on Saturday, 8/8.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website atwww.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!