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Week Three '08

Perfect Weather, Perfect Volleyball

By Rocky D.         June 13, 2008

A most unusual thing happened at volleyball Wednesday night; the weather was perfect - no rain, no wind, just another beautiful night of volleyball.  But wait: this wasn’t Southern California it was Riis Park!  Even stranger, the Pier 92 Piranha’s won four games.  Just a warning to their victims; a new cheer is being developed. The oldest team in the league, Casino Towing, had their youth brigade carry them to four victories over Coppersmith’s.  Lauren Ganun, John Begley and Sarah McCarthy certainly made Kathy, Joe, Rocky, Frank and Charley look good, correction, less bad.  Take that bad English Father Brown. (My English teacher at Brooklyn Prep)   Last Call played so well tonight that they might have to widen their doorways to fit their big heads in.  Where was deadwood tonight?  Did she break her nail trying to fill out the questionnaire? Double XXl: did you get lucky or are you filling out that jersey?  Big Dan had a high colonic on his mind. Rumor has it that he has asked for a certified letter from his proctologist asserting that his head is in fact-not where it shouldn’t be.  Lucky for Busted Brown that his surfer girl proved that she can go the distance.  Welcome back Ira from the DL list.  No Coors lights, no Buds—paging Carl.  The Last Call questionnaires have been returned and the results are in:  Most of their bald men don’t realize they don’t have hair.  Most of their women overestimate their own bust size.  The actual team weight is nearly a half-ton over the figures they admit to.

So far, everyone has pitched in by bringing their nets up promptly after their match.  Keep up the good work.  However, a few nets/bags get returned each week in total disarray.  Please take an extra five minutes to properly fit all of the equipment in the bag before returning it.  Otherwise it doesn’t help very much.  If there is an extra piece of equipment in the volleyball bag please don’t place it back in the bag at the end of the night.  Put it aside and give it to one of the “equipment specialists,” Rocky or Steve or just bring it to the equipment room.  Please continue to have patience when it comes time to set up your nets.  The bird fencing seems to change daily and we are being squeezed more and more.  If you are on the courts just to the right of the walkway you must set up as close to the walkway as possible.  If you do not, there is not enough room to fit our other courts in.  Most of our 56 teams have submitted signed rosters on time but some teams have not.  Your deadline has passed and your next match will result in a forfeit since you don’t have any legal league players on the court.  (If you are tired of reading about this item just think how tired we are of writing about it.)  If your team is still delinquent next Wednesday your referee will be notified and you will forfeit your match.  Patty has a mailbox and you can easily drop off your signed roster at 550 B. 133rd St. anytime before Wednesday.  Thanks to Mary Early from One Win Away, who got her roster in - - - early!

Once again, Bugsy gave out uniforms to the mob back at the party.  The food at Jameson’s, salmon shish-ka-bob, lamb chops, baked ziti, tuna and sandwich wraps were perfectly prepared and delicious.  And there was enough to feed an army, which is what the expanded RBVL looks like sometimes.   The DJ played party tunes spanning the generations and everyone loved it.  Shane worked the outside bar beautifully and kept a special eye out for the Commissioner.  The bar was set high in the first three weeks and Jameson’s leapt over it with flying colors.  That makes it four for four in parties, perhaps the most important statistic of all.  Keep showing your support for our very generous sponsors.  We couldn’t do it without them.  Even special guests, Kenny Monahan, the Southern Kid, and San Francisco Greg Ryan had high praise for the festivities.  Rumor has it that the refs were so happy with the food they almost bought a round.  The Rockaway Breakers want to challenge the Pier 92 Piranha’s to determine who has the best partying team.  The Breakers were rocking at Jameson’s like an out of control rock band. If Colleen and Theresa translate their moves on the dance floor to the VB court, watch out.

Bar 13 NYC played a glorious game of volleyball. The team was high in spirits and tried their best as always. With more practice they’re sure to bring their “A-Game” to next week’s game. Jackie Geary gave it her all and O’Sullivan proved herself to be one of the better players. The “team” is unstoppable. A special thanks and shout out to Fred Kimball for building the greatest cooler/bike contraption known to man. Keep up the good work and effort; it will pay off.   Note to new team, Bar 13 NYC - Bugsy looks like the Commissioner, acts like the Commissioner and sounds like the Commissioner (and does half of the Commissioner’s work) but Patty is the real Commissioner of the RBVL.  She speaks softly but carries a big stick.  Just ask any of her Executive Committee members who have been hit with that stick.  George Johnson would like you to know that his new sponsor, McCarthy & Kelly LLP should be your first call if someone runs over your toes with their bicycle traveling to or from the post-match gathering.  Business cards are available at the net or after the game.  The Brooklyn Transplants team shirts were stolen from the D.J. booth at Irish Circle last week.  Pat Connolly has stopped laughing.  That usually means someone is going to be hurt.  Real bad!  Return the shirts or you may have to go see Tim at Sands Point physical therapy.  A Sugar Bowl shirt was found on 133rd St. and will be in the equipment room next week.  I’d like to hear the story that goes with this one.  Snowbird Tom Reilly took a walk down Memory Lane with Joe Franklin and Patty Moule and shared some wonderful stories and observations from the early days of the league right up to the present.  Happy 51st birthday to Bobby Fash and happy 12th to Alex.  Only two more years to go before you can play!

Flip Cup All Stars played Jameson’s with legendary referee, Coach, “making the calls”.  In true Tim Donaghey fashion his calls where consistent with the team who gave him his most recent libation. There is nothing like a ref who can be bought.  This is certainly not to confuse Coach with a ref who buys.  The Big Mahooshkas have won 11 games in a row.  Look out Joe DiMaggio.  The Breakaways are holding auditions for new male players if there are no shows again next week. Or maybe we can borrow Last Call’s Beer Boy.  Where were beautiful Mark and Mike? Having their nails done? Don’t worry; Jimmy kept all the ladies at his arms length.  He was so distracted by their beauty that the other team walked all over us. The Yacht Club struggled again this week without Mike S and the girls were a little sluggish, too. Marty MC, John MC, Rob S, and coach Dan fresh in from the Speedo volleyball tourney at Fire Island were also a bit off. Billy C had nine spikes but no ties.  Sands Point won its second game of the year and welcome back Walter.  Sands Point is the unofficial physical therapy office for the RBVL. Tim is waiting to repair all of your injuries.  PS 114, AKA Simon Says, soundly beat Scholars Academy, AKA Happy Hour 5-0 but have always played in the best spirit of the RBVL.  Connolly’s—two wins, no Steve, no coincidence!  Mandatory practice Monday at his house!  Tommy Morgan Is becoming the Excuse Kid.  Glenn sent Jimmy to Conan O’Brien with his wife so Glenn gets more playing time.  What does Laura want from Bugsy?  Welcome back to the Breens. How were the accommodations at the halfway house?  Robin Shapiro Realty Island took 4 out of 5 against the Rockaway Breakers after a rocky (No relation to cub reporter of the same name) start.  Bobby’s negativity didn’t help much but Mike Morley’s awesome play did.  Donna’s serves were very helpful. Was she serving Coors or Buds?  Heidi helped Bobby with a great save off the net but then ruined it and lost the point.  Colleen made her comeback and proved that after three kids she’s still got it.   Mattie joined the disabled list early but John M. stepped up and showed his stuff for the win.  Sire has great serves but sometimes he should lay off the power game.  Joanne won every game she played despite a few missed balls.  Tracy’s night was perfect.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Grey Beards’ blood drive this past Sunday at St. Francis.  This week was opening day for the special athletes from St. Camillus Special Olympics.  Welcome back, Volley Warriors!  Feel free to stop by during the evening and cheer them on.  As always, if you have any questions during the week, please call Patty Moule at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.

See you on the beach!