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Week Nine

Rain fell all over the tri-state area and Hurricane Dolly wreaked havoc on the East Coast but the RBVL once again enjoyed balmy weather at Riis Park and a lovely evening afterward.  Pier 92 was another of our outdoor hosts, with their outdoor deck, DJ under the big top tent and good food.  And special thanks to DJ Kevin who left his bar station, went home and brought back his music for the crowd. 

It’s official – there will be an over-40 tournament the Wednesday after the playoffs, 8/13 at 6 PM at Riis Park.  We will pick names out of a hat to form teams and have a good time.  Unlike many tournaments, there is no entry fee and no prizes, just fun.

The light show provided by God made a beautiful backdrop for the revelers.  The RBVL was treated to ziti, beef stew and a first for the league, mussels, which Mr. Happy consumed in record quantities.  Bring on Mr. Kobiashi!  And the President had herself a heaping plate of shells, too.  Keep the noise down; the in-laws are in town.  Congratulations to Dorothy who is our first international fan of the year.

As for the Cheese Fries, “B” stands for “Best” on the B-Team,  thanks to Jaime and Becky.   Good job Phil on proving yourself on your big comeback.  The morale was again lifted after Devon’s appearance.  He put the cranky-pants back in their holes.  Kara – keep working on your fitness, your buns are looking fabulous.  And yes, it is nice being tall Lau-Lo, keep on wearing those tanks.  Heyyyy.

Players should dig out their oldest uniform for the last regular season game and while they are at it, let’s see who has their old league shorts.  (And who still fits in them.)  The only thing older than the shorts was the aged beer.  Aren’t you supposed to age wine not beer?

Bar 13 NYC edged the Odd Couples 3-2 even though a few of the men went missing.  The girls picked up the slack and let their natural abilities shine.  Nora was terrific, especially with her new punch bump shot.  And everyone on the TEAM chipped in with solid serves and scrappy play.

Thank goodness Casey picked up the slack.  She went through her rolodex calling everyone until Kevin came through.  Tonight is just a preview to “Dance Off USA.   To all the Piranhas challengers, we’ll dance anytime, anywhere!  Their Captain Vinny was sorely missed, not just on the dance floor but on the volleyball court as well.  No matter—the Piranhas fought off the Atlantic Service Sandstorms, defeating them 4 games to 1.  As usual, Bodie dominated the court and made more than his share of clutch plays.  Special farewell to Jackie, who’s off to Connecticut for her new job (we told her work was for suckers, but she wouldn’t listen).  Good luck!

Simon Says Sea Bar spanked the Beach Orphans 5-0 and Simon celebrated by being first on line for the food again.  It was good to get Rene back from the disabled list.  She didn’t play but she inspired the crew.

JG Electric beat Sands Point PT 3-2 but did not fare as well setting up the lines before the game.  When told they needed an engineer to figure it out they replied that the guy in charge of the lines was an engineer.  Wow!  All of the games were tight and either team could have won any game.  And if your muscles are tight get on over to Sands Point and visit Tim and his crew.  They’ll straighten you out.

Patty wants to apologize to the Coral Reefers – you really do exist.  There’s even a photo to prove it.  What happened to Becky?

Jimmy Mack and his Henchman, Cubby, were seen talking to CB after the match but they’re barking up the wrong tree since Rocky signed Charlie to a lifetime contract years ago.  Cubby is still trying to get over being stood up.

For the second straight week the match between Casino Towing and the Flip Cup All Stars  went down to overtime in the deciding game five.  This time though the All Stars came through after a fingertip save by Mike Gambino tied it, and some strong hits by Brian Sica won it.  Brian had some nasty serves into the wind.  Some dissention between CB and company might have prompted Charlie to seek out team Mack for his free agent year.

Harbor Light nosed out Le Greann 3-2 in some of their best action of the year.  Sean (Mule) had flashbacks to kindergarten when the ref scolded him for the double carry, the 5-second rule, serving before her whistle and for taking too much time in between games.  You may not see Sean’s unusual moves in the Beijing Olympics volleyball matches but you might see it in the diving competition.  Doesn’t he get yelled at enough at home?  Happy birthday to mascot Fiona.  And many more. 

Look for Kirby’s new book, “The Loneliest Mascot: Memoirs of a Double Dipper.”  Debbie was a total dominatrix with her serves.  It looks like the 127th Street practice paid off.  Shannon shot them down at the net and all of the assets showed up.  And Seal was there with the kills, too.  And believe it or not,  Murph was magnificent.  And Dickie was great since he was off his meds while Flying Goldberg made an appearance in game four.  The girls rocked all night long.  Tom-Tom, keep in touch.

Where would the world be without EZ Women?  The EZ Knights would not have won two games against the Suns of Beaches without their steady play.  Good job, Annie times two, Maureen, Barbara, Sheila and Dee.  (Another 127th Street success story.)  Connolly’s beat the Posse 5-0 and Sean is thankful that he made it out of the Circle of Death alive.  Mr. Happy was Mr. Nasty when it came to serving as he closed out three games with long service streaks.  (The ultimate 127th Street Cinderella story)  Who gets lower than Laura when she goes down to pass a ball?  Nobody.  The next clinic is this Monday.  We hope to see you.  If you are going to Club Getaway make sure to mention Debbie Sluyk’s name for a $50 discount.

The Breakaways welcome new addition Dylan Michael.  Last Call has Beer Boy, but the Breakaways have Beer Butler.  Thanks, Ron.  VIP Servant by pretty-boy Mike; where will the Breakaways be when Ron goes across the sea.  Be safe brother. 

Coppersmith’s excelled over Jameson’s 4-1 but the play of the day was Katie Green’s block on Chris and then on her husband, who was sent home with his Coors Lights.  Jameson’s expects a rematch in the Ocean division finals.

Next weeks post game celebration will be at the Wharf, see you on the beach!