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Week Ten '08



by John Sica

When the committee meets in February and starts to plan the bar schedule, they save the outdoor decks for late in the season when the weather is supposed to be calm.  Things donít always go as well as planned.  But the Wharf laughed in the face of the Weather Channel, who predicted thunderstorms would rain on the RBVL weekly parade to the post game party. The Wharf outdid themselves with friendly service, and plentiful delicious food.  Their trademark French Dip Sandwich was delicious; the ďserversĒ even dipped it in for you.  The spread also included quesadillas, sausage and peppers, two pasta dishes, and a fresh salad with red onions.  Maureen Collins should be congratulated on the extra effort she put in setting this whole thing up.  She is a Wharf treasure. 

After Timmy ďSmittyĒ Smith served four aces in a row he felt it was time to end the boycott of the after volleyball party, in hopes someone might recognize him.  He couldnít wait to tell anyone who would listen about using the wind to his advantage. There is no need to bring a dictionary to the beach, Timmy was ready to define the word ďaceĒ  for anyone who would listen.   Brooklyn Windows and Doors rolled to a 4-1 victory to solidify their position as the number two team, carried by the excellent play of the girls and Cubby, who has raised his game.

To clarify last weekís mention of Cubby being stood up, it related to his usual yearly drink out with Misty May Trainor at the AVP event in Coney Island.  After three consecutive years of the post event party with Misty May and members of the RBVL, this year Misty was a no show, possibly putting the Olympics ahead of a good time with her Rockaway friends.  There is always next year.  Perhaps Cubby will show up in Bejing.  Lucky for Cubby though, another favorite volleyball woman from the past showed up to drink his beers this week, Coleen McManus, the iron Women.  Colleen has just completed an Iron Man competition at Lake Placid.  Three cheers for Coleen.

Simon Sez Sea Bar welcomes back Reene off the injured reserve.  Donít worry Reene, you still have plenty of summer left.  Itís not even half way over.  She helped them to a 3-2 victory over Last Call. 

The Flip Cup All Stars won a grueling match over Coppersmiths, winning 3-2, with many games going to overtime.  Once again good play by Gambino, Bodey, and the Sica brothers led the team to victory.  The two Kateyís, Trish and Liz set the men well despite heavy winds.  Papa John got the last point on his first spike of the night.

The Sunrise Senior Sharks were counting on a sweep over the Bayview Barracudas since theBarracudas came from the lower division this year.  The Sharks needed some heavy wins to get into playoff position but only managed one win.  John Maroney , esquire, is preparing a lawsuit against the league to keep the better teams out of their division.  The Senior Sharks playoff chances are in tough shape now. 

Casino Towing took four from Jamesonís.  After Joe McGiveny put on a serving clinic he was benched resulting in Casinoís only loss.

The Bayhouse Babes and the Beachhouse had the match of the season.  Even the ref, Pat Moore commented on the level of competition.  Sorry Beach House but Janet and Patty had to take you down for old time sakes.  The Babes won 3-2 and every game was close.  The Beach House has come a long way.  The Bay House wants to thank the Conklin House Babes for their late entrance support that brought them back to victory, especially for Joanneís great cheerleading.  It was inspiring. 

The RBVL committee wants to thank the future RBVL players for eagerly handing out flyers for the awards party.  Thanks to the Cummings twins; Tara and Hana, Lauren Moule, Megan Shevlin, Victoria and  Nicholas Rivara,  and Emma Meade .

Lobster House nosed out Le Greann, 3-2.  Le Greann welcomes back the always congratulatory Jim Hen Dog Henning.  Kudos goes out to team Mohan for taking the LIRR from West Babylon.  Mary G. had some unstoppable serves tonight, along with her consistent and admirable team spirit.  Le Greann sends out well wishes to Daddy Brian Grace.

The Cheese Fries Stella Girls are back in town.  After seeing their team fall behind 3-1, the old Stella Maris team from 1999 kicked the men off the court and took matters into their own hands.  The six women took game five, and are thinking about making this lineup more permanent.  (The ďAĒ team) Remember what Billy Joel says, Catholic girls start much too late.  Donít worry boys you can supply the beers and cheer.  You look cute on the sidelines.  It is now obvious, Becky itís not you.

Sands Point Physical Therapy and the Breakaways battled through four overtime games including the deciding game five matchup, and a 3-2 win for the Breakaways.  Sands Point rose to the occasion, as the eighth seed made life difficult for the three seed.  Those games are crucial as they try to hang on to the last playoff position.   Thank God no one was injured as Walter was flying all over the court trying to learn every position at once.  Allen thought the team could have done better, and was right, as the team had too many crucial service errors.  For the Breakaways Christina and Elaine think the rest of their team need physical therapy because they lack support at the post game party.  Perhaps a little mental therapy is in order.   Lighten up and realize itís about the social event; itís a four hour night, not two.

The easy women from the Easy Knight have to report again they had such a great time with Happy Hour.  Itís so nice to sit on the same side of the court and party with opposition.  They donít call them Easy for nothing.  Easy won 3-2 but that didnít matter.  Paul Fitz played phenomenal.   Deborah Munns did a great job casting the crew to the victory. They always have to have hor dourves and drinks like they did.

The Federationsí Tom Ford goes away with the family and what happens?  Want to buy a vowel?  W_N!!  With George on Maryís shoulders and Ellie on Brianís left cheek, the ball didnít have time to hit the sand.  Sean and Danny were at their best as usual.  And did I hear Ryan and Tommy?  Or  should I say, see them smile?   In addition the Fededration would like to thank Kay and her team of cheerleaders Ö the Fed couldnít have done it without you.  The Sand Spikers put up a great fight, most games were close as the Federation won 3-2.

The Pier 92 lost four close games, but close doesnít count, only in horse shoes and something else we donít remember.  This time though it was the wind.  Not to mention the ref ignored a slap-tastic game from Team Margarita.  But in all fairness Team Margarita played well.  The Pirahanaís warn though, even if they donít make the playoffs, they will be there.  It wouldnít be a party without the best partying team. 

The Brooklyn Transplants miss Irekiashe and David who stayed with Mike and Jen as part of the Wounded Warrior program.  The weekend was way too short, saying goodbye was the hardest part.  Good luck in your August wedding.  Hope to see you over the holidays.  Rockaway misses you.

Speaking of the Transplants, Jamie Resker did not inform the captain he would be in Florida this week as they fought for the final playoff spot.  And all for a woman to boot!  Whereís your priorities man?  He will be fined upon his return.  Pat Crow states that he plays volleyball four nights a week.  Yet he still canít get the ball inside the lines.  He said he played volleyball, didnít say he played it good.  Rumor has it the tasty waves at the Jersey Shore and the thoroughbreds at the spa might interfere with the final week attendance. 

Jamesonís Turtles took three from the Cheese Fries.  Marieís serves are still as frosty as the drinks she serves on Friday afternoons.  Stop by and down one of her serves.  The broads from Cheese Fries taught the Turtles what happens when you put your men aside.  They start to do everything right.

Last week Sire served six aces for Robin Shapiro Realty Island. The only reason I bring it up is because it kicks his Uncles butt of only serving four aces this week.  Thatís whatís up with his serve.  Colleen wants to know who wants to play the fifth game?  Jack, drop the pretzel, the ball is coming!  Happy belated birthday to Matty and Bobby, and tonight to Donna.  Robin Shapiro Reality Island made sure that their first place lead would only grow tonight, knocking BHYC down a notch to third and further away from the lofty first place. 

Mark, Jack and Bernie of Freehands Yankees are thinking of renaming the team Freehands Beach Champs since they have dethroned Cubby and Jimmy Mack as the latest team to leave the beach. 

Good luck and great job to all triatheletes from the rbvl, Karen Ebert, Carol Farrell, Steve gifford and lifeguard John from 97th St.  They sacrificed drinking, wait till next year.

Reminder- Rbvl Awards Party- Fri Sept 12 @730 pm @Knights or Columbus. More Info Next Week.

The final Wednesday is upon us, with the party at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.  Itís always a great party so be there!