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RBVL Visits Breezy Point

Week Eight pictures click here: photos

By John Sica                                                                                   July 18, 2008

The best match of the night was also the longest match.  As the full moon rose over the Atlantic Ocean and almost all nets were down, a lonely whistle blew from Coach’s lips in the thrilling deciding overtime game- five, of the match between Marks’ Maintenance and the Sugar Bowl.  The game see-sawed until Marks Maintenance was able to string together two points to win the match, and the game 23-21.  In another overtime game five in the top division, Casino Towing came back from a 20-18 to take the rubber game 22-20 against The Flip-Cup All Stars.  The match had some great play and some sloppy play, the result of old age on one side, and youth on the other.  Frank Ganun sparked the elder statesmen and younger stateswomen of Casino Towing with some hard hits and as usual Joe racked up points on the service line with his crafty veteran serves.  Thank goodness Jimmy Sluyk talked Frank down from the Cross Bay Bridge last week.  Joe was impressed though with Brian Sica’s hard hits calling him the pound-for-pound hardest hitter in the league.  For the All-Stars the Katey’s and Liz played solid and Liz Murphy had some gre3at sets off the net as the aging gout-ridden patriarch John Sica was just a shell of his former self. 

Jameson’s beat Coppersmiths 3-2 with great play by with the exception of Jay Butler and Eddie Britt.  Both teams are thinking about demoting them to the lowest division.  Carolyn and TC were the highlights of the games for both teams.  Nobody knew that TC was ambidextrous, especially TC.  The last match in the Ocean division saw Freedhand’s edge Sullivan and Galleshaw by the same score.  Freedhand’s has only six losses all season, and four of them have come at the hands of Sullivan and Galleshaw.  S&G just needs a happy Bobby to get them over the hump.  Positive thoughts Big Bob!  They only need three W’s on August 9th.   Then the Freedhand's Court Champs showed up at the after-game party in style, as usual.  They arrived by boat under the captainship of Bernie O’Connell with a full representation.

The Bay House was the perfect summer night host, with their outdoor deck, bay front band, and great food.  The full moon they ordered was the perfect touch.  They served excellent penne vodka, chicken Francese, eggplant rollatini and the great sounds of the band Pulse.  For the RBVL, the crowd was low; some Rockaway residents still are reluctant to travel all the way into Breezy Point (2.1 miles) even for excellent free food and smoking live music on the beach.  If you chose to go back to your local gin mill and listen to the jukebox you made a mistake.  You missed a great party.  Kelly of Sunrise Senior Living Sharks and Patty of the Bay House Babes want to say happy birthday to their babes, Emma and Julianna, who both turned six.  The Bay House Babes played beautifully in the first game against division leading Sand Bar.  Then it got ugly for the babes until they regrouped to take the last game and salvage a 2-3 night.  The Babes said they were “diving” all night. When it was pointed out that the proper volleyball term was “digging”, Janet Fash pointed out that, “If we were digging, we would have won.”  Where’s Becky?  George Johnson observed that Billy Joel is the Mortal Enemy of McCarthy & Kelly Volleyball.

Robin Shapiro Realty won a hard fought match taking three games from second place Last Call, enabling RSR to extend their lead in the standings. For Realty, Tracey, Colleen and Jac were “jacked up” to face their competitive rivals.  The girls made the toast at the Bay House for Matty wishing him good luck on his operation.  A second toast went to Pat for holding up the force at Riis Park for them, and for Denise for getting them to the Bay House.  Also this reporter would like to thank the trio of pretty ladies for cleaning the table and keeping the league computer dry.  I guess there were too many cold beers on their table.  Last Call prepared for position week by playing team Ukraine as they were heading to Beijing.  At the airport they bumped into Air Stienberg and the Mrs. returning from their trip to Swingtown.  As the playoffs approach and play intensifies, their captain has shown that her secret to success lies not with the Beer Boy, but with her Dairy Queen.  “Hey John of Shapiro’s, what’s up with your serve?  We all changed your diaper.”

Where have the Transplant/ Turtles/ Brooklyn Breakaways been?  Many members of these teams, as well as other teams, were busy the last two weeks helping out with The Wounded Warriors.  It took a heavy toll on their hearts, minds, and livers.  Thank God though for their support and all of Rockaway’s support for these great American heroes.  As far as their volleyball, Jimmy was a force out there for the Breakaways despite the lack of support from the ladies as they dropped 3-2.  The Transplants were boosted after the third game when John showed up from parts unknown – Farrell’s. (We’ve all been to that well-known watering hole in Brooklyn.)  Jameson’s Turtles were boosted by from Marie, who instead of serving frosty beverages, served frosty volleyballs.  Also kudos to Greg, the lean, mean, fighting machine!  Cubby was clean-shaven again after completing the annual Mustache Dash bicycle run last weekend.  If you want to laugh out loud, search for the race on YouTube; the video from 2007 is hysterical and the 2008 episode should be available soon.

Mr. Happy can’t take a complement.  When someone noticed how trim a certain person looked,   Steve noted that that person “shouldn’t have gained the weight in the first place.”  Steve’s upping the ante for the future look of Connolly’s, making it a bikini-contest-ready team for next year (for females of course).   No need for Connolly’s to win this year, the 127th Street block party t-shirts were better than the league’s gear.  And all you had to do was show up and drink.  Speaking of that great party, Tommy Tunes wouldn’t shut off the music, the Gifford kids still have dark circles under their eyes and his neighbors have still retained lawyers.  Mr. Happy wants to know where was Patty?  Her turn to buy and she doesn’t show up at the bar? Go figure. $$$  Where’s Simon when you need him?  Linda Humphreys, we’re still looking for the tie-dye g-strings.

Sands Point beat Bar 13 NYC 4-1 for the battle of last place.  It was a reversal of last weeks 3=2 loss.  Great serving by Arthur, Eileen,  Allen and Donna, helped carry the Point on a calm night.  Kaitlyn is improving with the summer and is helping to carry the team.  When Ellen had to leave after game three, secret weapon, cheerleading Carol Farrell, came in to help the team.  Sands Point, with Tim and his crew, the unofficial physical therapists of the league, are more needed on their team than in the office.  Tonight, Friday the 18th, is the final Rockapulco Run at 7 PM at 95th Street and the boardwalk, with the party afterwards at the Lobster House.  The www.bhyc.com team pulled a 4-1 win for the second week in a row.  Where was Martha though?  Still looking to sub with Jack and Eddie?  Please get real.  We are in the last division.  However, we still like winning.  John chose volleyball over Billy Joel at Shea tonight, but of course he’s been practicing his serve at the Speedo tournament at Fire Island for two weeks now.   It paid off tonight.  Sing us a song, he’s the piano man.   Who need tennis when you have Kitty, Nick2me4 and Jenny Pops bumping, spiking, serving it up better than Serena and  Venus, on the beach.  Mikey Toolbars needs to soften it up.  They almost lost Billy C in game one to a fancy two stomp.  Remember, stay in your own sand box.  Welcome back, coach Dan, from your recent bogus injury.  Le Greann could not stop the stealth-like talent of Mean Gene Heyn’s serving this week.  How they go from beating Sex on the Beach 5-0 one week to losing 0-5 the next week is still a mystery.  Even the hummus from West Babylon could not help them.  Blue Bungalows/Carvel is finally getting their groove back.  Happily the Bagel siblings have realized that fighting over butter vs. cream cheese was not worth it.  Double dipping Kirby can’t figure out if he’s the Its All Good mascot, or the Carvel one. He has brought more luck to the team than a two leaf clover could. 

A suggestion was made to hold an Over 40/45 tournament on Wednesday night August 13.  Everyone is welcome and teams will be formed by pulling names out of a hat.  For the first time, Ocean, Wave, Beach, Boardwalk, Sun and Moon players will be mixed together and play as one.  Can world peace be far behind?  f you are under 40/45 you can take a net a play ball on your own, either with your team or in a pick-up game.  We just want to play a little more volleyball before we shut down for the winter.  Keep reminding us of your fondest (or funniest) memories from the early days of the league.  We love to hear them and we love to print them.  The RBVL schedule is in the midst of its “Outdoor” section, with the next two parties continuing our string of waterfront bars - Pier 92 and the Wharf.  The last party of the season is way too close and it will be held at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on 8/6.  And then the grand finale takes place at Riis Park on Saturday, August 9th, when the playoffs determine six champions.  And mark Friday 9/12 on your calendar.  That’s the night of the RVBL Awards Dinner.  As always, if you have any questions during the week, please call Patty Moule at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!