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Week Seven '08

RBVL Pennant Races Heat Up

For Photos click here: photos7

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney         July 11, 2008

The paper had to go to press early this week due to the 4th of July holiday on Friday so there were no stories from 7/2.  Let’s catch up a bit.  Some pennant races are sizzling hot.  The Big Mahooshkas and Brooklyn Window and Door are separated by a point for the top spot in the Wave division just as the Harbor Light and the Kerry Hills Pub are in the Sun while the Blackwater Cheese Fries, Boarders Surf Shop and JG Electric remain tied atop the Boardwalk loop.  The Beach and Moon divisions are wide open with many teams in the hunt but Freedhand’s is starting to separate from the pack in the Ocean.  We guessed that Jeff would cook up a ton of hamburgers and hot dogs at Connolly’s and we were right.  However, we didn’t guess that Jeff would also add lasagna to the menu.  Nice going!  It’s All Good was 0-16 when TBG stepped up to the plate and gave his best Bugsy/Knute Rockne speech last week.  The team then went on to win four for the Gipper.  When his teammates were questioned afterward, none could recall a single word he uttered.  Truly inspirational!  Welcome home to Maggie Sweeney, a Jameson’s Turtle who just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.  And what did she do on her first day home?  That’s right, she came to Wednesday night volleyball at Riis Park.  Now that’s dedication.  Patty wants to thank Coach for the stroll down memory lane and for the bottle of Merlot he gifted as a peace offering.  Nice touch, Coach!  Patty and Dickie Ferrin remember that the league started in 1990, one year after Bobby and Janet Fash got married.  There were just four nets, eight teams and every week the party was at the Raintower, featuring pizzas from downstairs.  The nets were stored in Bobby’s garage and Jimmy Mack lugged them to the beach in his truck every week.

Now onto this week’s action.  The Cheese Fries would like to congratulate Cubby on his coming out (of the closet) to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island.   Cubby was recently asked how he maintains his Adonis-like physique.  His explanation - no working out, no exercise.  The philosophy is simple - no pain, no pain.  Obviously, Cubby is a disciple of Aristotle.  Who’s Becky?  Connolly’s takes three from the aging Beach House but Bobby Fash made the play of the night if not the season.  In the middle of a long point, Connolly’s rolled a shot to the deep right corner over everyone’s head for what looked like a certain winner.  That is, until Bobby ran backwards, dove full out and hit a reverse pancake over his shoulder and over the net.  As they said on Seinfeld, breathtaking!  Bay House Babes edged Sand Bar construction 3-2 in a tightly contested match.  The senior women of the Bay House Babes, Patty, Leah and Janet demonstrated that experience trumps youth.  Leslie, Kristen and Christine Who?  Oh yeah, the guys played well too.  MAF, stay off the sidewalk.   Jimmy Mack has joined the hierarchy of serving hall of fame by running off 19 straight points from the service line.  He must have been worried about the one dollar fine imposed by Kerry for missed serves.   He led the Brooklyn Window and Door to a 4-1 win over The Sand Spikers.  By the way, has everyone met Jenn Moroney?  She plays great every week and no one reads about her.  They will be for years to come.  Charlie Brady broke his all time curfew by staying at Riis Park until 11 o’clock.  He kept his streak alive by swimming for the one hundredth week of volleyball.  He also kept his streak alive of not making it to a sponsor for the 65th week.  It always seems to be a school night.  There was a moving van outside his house at 10:30 pm.  Maybe he’ll be out every week.

Long Trail sponsored the night at the Lobster House and supplied gifts and give-aways all night.  Kenny Good cooked up a storm and the ballplayers were treated to fried calamari and curly fries for the first time.  The live reggae band completed a great night on the water.  EZ  Knights took five games for the first time in six years as a team and the other team was actually there!  Call Ripleys Believe It or Not.  Brian King spiked the ball as well as the punch and left the Voit brand on Joel’s forehead.  Jack Weber showed what an alcohol-free athlete can accomplish.   The better half of the Meade family made the EZ girls proud with her serves and bumps.  The newcomers to the team, Paul and Barbara Fitzgerald added spunk and vigor.  Mike Munns strategic planning and Monica Reilly’s returns led the team to the Promised Land.  Who knows?  Maybe next week EZ Knights may actually climb out of the basement.  Can a Chicago Cubs win be next? Despite the fact the Beach Orphans only won one game, they managed to rally at the bar to celebrate Marianne Cosgrove’s birthday.  Happy 21 plus! Robin Shapiro Realty Island took 4 out of 5 from the Beach Orphans because Bobby showed up this week.  Has anyone noticed how well the team’s been doing since Matty’s been on the DL?  John Meier had a head start drinking since he was on vacation and he played volleyball like Willie Mays played baseball.  Maybe that’s why Heidi also had her “A” game on.  Maybe finally it will be a sweatshirt season.  Sands Point tenaciously held onto last place despite some good play from Jessica and Katie.  They lost to Bar 13 NYC 3-2.  Last place is secure. A week ago, the team won two despite Tommy T and Carol Farrell doing Corona’s in Daytona.  They may have to go to Sands Point for liver rehabilitation.

Last Call was happy to meet the new rookie team, the Rockaway Breakers.  The Scarlet Pimpernel did his Michael Jackson imitation with his one ped and Rose ran out of nail polish.  Did Digger’s LASIK surgery make his good eye as bad as his bad eye?  Thanks to the Class of 2009 for all of the confiscated beer.  Good job Surfer Girl and Queen of the Pina Coladas.  What’s up with the Breakaways swimming in Beer Boy’s Pool?  Mrs. Weatherbee from EZ Knights observes that the path of victory can only be achieved through blood, sweat and cutting the Deadwood.  Next year, women only!  Walking into the Lobster House, some were confronted by Allyson and Eileen. They  were engaged in a very interesting gastronomic conversation. Allyson was boasting how she engulfed the whole bone. She later claimed it was a chicken bone. Eileen was moaning about having to swallow this big thick foot-long hot dog. She was asked if any of her personal experiences prepared her for her hot dog endeavor. She stated that based on her personal experience the Irishmen of Rockaway were not even close to matching her personal desires. After that statement, there were a few Irish studs ready to make her swallow her words.  The Sunrise living dead came to Life after gifting two games to Its All Good. The Sharks led by John Moroney’s serves and Theresa Hazel’s consistent play spanked the All Good Tees each of the last three games. TBG claimed that if they had Cement Shoes Flanagan, they would have prevailed. Murph is still suffering from dementia and post-concussion syndrome from one he took off his noggin.  Team Happy Hour would like to commend referee Morgan Kelly for a terrifically called game, despite being defeated 4 to 1.  Jackie Kimble rose to mediocrity at the net and went downhill from there.  Deirdre Kelly gave a boost to the team from the sidelines.  Sorry mom I won’t help you with the song.  Happy Birthday.

The RBVL schedule is in the midst of its “Outdoor” section, with the next three parties featuring waterfront bars - the Bay House in Breezy Point, Pier 92 and the Wharf.  This week bring your dancing shoes to the Bay House as the band, Pulse, is scheduled to play.  They are a great rock/party band.  A recent and popular tradition calls for the last party of the season to be held at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on 8/6.  And then the grand finale takes place at Riis Park on Saturday, August 9th, when the playoffs determine six champions.

As always, if you have any questions during the week, please call Patty Moule at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.

See you on the beach