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RBVL Rocks the Lobster House

Check out these Pictures:   party1      party2     (more to come)

By Joe McGivney          9/19/08

      The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League concluded the 2008 season with their annual Awards Dinner on Friday 9/12 at the Lobster House with 103 players eager to party the night away.  A rocking good time was had by all, aided by the music of DJ Tommy Tunes, who played for the first time at an RBVL party after having taken part in most of the other 18 dinners since he is a charter member of the league.  If you need a DJ at your next affair, don’t hesitate to contact Tommy on 718-634-7521 or via e-mail at touhey4@aol.com and tell him the RBVL sent you.  You’ll be glad you did.  Good food and cold beer is the usual formula for a fun time with this group and once again it proved successful.  Attendance was a bit lower than you would expect from a league of over 700 players but the fun meter went higher than ever thanks to an influx of young RBVL members, who are the future of the league.  If you stayed home, you missed a good time.  Thanks to the entire Lobster House staff, who helped make the night so pleasant – Alicia, Christine, Jill, Duke, Domingo, Jose, Manny, Gail, Sam and Lulu, and, of course, Kenny.  Also, let’s not forget Osama the Pig who gave up his 72 pounds of prime meat for the affair.  He made his ancestors very proud.  (And Mr. Happy very happy!)  And a special thanks to committee member, Denise, who toiled many hours, working on the details of the extravaganza.  Finally, thanks to all of those captains who organized their teammates and collected deposits. Your work is invaluable. 

      Championship sweatshirts were presented to the division winners and will be worn proudly by:

Ocean Division – Freedhand’s Yankees (Jack and Bernie); Wave Division – the Big Mahooshkas (Brian); Boardwalk Division – JG Electric (Mark and Mark); Sun Division – Kerry Hills Pub (Noelle and Carmel) and Moon Division – bhyc.com (Dan).  The Wave from the Beach Division were no-shows but champions, none-the-less.  Amidst the championship presentations, individual and spirit awards were given out as well but none had anything to do with volleyball skills or ability. First up, the bhyc.com was awarded industrial-sized garbage bags for next year’s playoffs since they easily won the competition for most players/fans/children (and garbage) this year.  It was also noted that they have an unusually large amount of kids between the age of 6 and 6½.  That was especially evident in their next award, twenty 8x10 copies of a beautiful team and family championship photo.  As the top party team, the Rockaway Breakers were awarded the traditional silk scarves to accessorize their outfits and they were them proudly, none prouder than the secret weapon, Rusty.  The Pier 92 Piranha’s wore their 2007 scarves and promptly challenged the Breakers to a dance-off.  I don’t know who won but they were both joined on the dance floor by the rest of the league for the rest of the night. Well done!  You go, Vinny!  It’s unbelievable how much energy they all bring to the league.  That’s what keeps the RBVL alive.   

      The next award went to Seal.  However, Seal is very shy and allegedly jumped off the back deck into the bay rather than step up to the podium to accept his award.  Two men who have no problem with shyness, TBG and Cement Shoes, accepted the award on Seal’s behalf.  And how appropriate the award was – a tee shirt that said, “My Drinking Team Has a Volleyball Problem.”  Truer words were never spoken!  Once again, It’s All Good had the best attendance by a non-championship team with nine stout partiers, some of whom were even drinking stout.  Another photo award was then presented to the Flanagan kids, Mary Beth and Dickie, and Sheila and Tommy Re.  The vintage picture showed them with their first team, B & G Nurses Registry back in 1991 and it is a classic.  Rumor has it that Sheila still has a case of Afro-sheen leftover from those high-maintenance hair days.  Finally, 5-time champs, Freedhand’s, were surprised with a second prize when they came up for their championship sweatshirts.  The “I Love Richie Whelan” trophy was presented for the first time to - - - - -  you guessed it, Richie Whelan!  Jack and Bernie accepted the award for star player Richie Whelan, who was missing in action.  The happy looks on their faces told you all you needed to know about the good-natured ribbing and sportsmanship that makes the RBVL people so special. 

      A variety of terrific Hawaiian shirts showed up again this year but once again the finest belonged to Steve Gifford.  How does he do it every year on the extremely tight budget he operates under?  And once again the runner-up was the First Dude and Commissioner’s husband, Simon, who dazzled the crowd with an outstanding shirt and shorts ensemble.  Carol Farrell lost on a technicality when judges ruled that her coconut bikini top was technically not a shirt, though it was quite attractive.  And later, Carmel kicked it up a notch by wearing the same coconuts over her new championship sweatshirt, making a true fashion statement.  Our traditional top two dance couples (Kevin and Mary Begley and Inez and Craig Samu) were missing this year but there was no shortage of challengers to their throne.  The Pier 92 Piranha’s were perpetually in motion, only pausing briefly to eat, drink and smoke.  The new kids on the block, the Rockaway Breakers, strutted their stuff as well, particularly when the classic disco songs of the 70’s blasted out.  Their charge onto the dance floor was followed by the entire league.  DB didn’t perform any back-flips and it seems she has finally gotten them all out of her system; her chiropractor will be happy to hear that.  As usual, the Sun and Moon divisions sent the most players to the party but this year they were followed closely by the Ocean.  Great job, guys!  However, only having 20 of 56 teams represented was a bit disappointing.  Maybe the RBVL players aren’t really the party Supermen they claim to be.  Or maybe they change back into Clark Kent after Labor Day. 

      It's a little early but you can already mark your calendars for 2009.  Our practice week is set for 5/20/09 and opening day will be Wednesday 5/27/09.  If you are making long range plans, expect rain on those two dates.  (We’ll see the captains in the winter, as we begin planning for next season. If your e-mail address changes, please let us know.)  2008 was a terrific season with beautiful weather and only one minor rain delay.  A grateful nod must go to all of the sponsors of our record-breaking 56 teams as well as the local sponsors who hosted the Wednesday night parties after the matches: Blackwater, Jameson’s, Healy’s, Irish Circle, Kerry Hills, the Harbor Light, Connolly’s, the Lobster House, the Bay House, Pier 92, the Wharf and BHYC.  All provided a great atmosphere for players to unwind after a pressure-packed night of beach volleyball.  Without their financial support the league might very well not exist.  Special thanks must go out to Commissioner Patty Moule and her hard-working committee members, as well as anyone who volunteered for jobs along the way.  Your help, even with the smallest items, was much appreciated. 

      Commissioner Patty traditionally concludes the 2008 season with her final thoughts:

“To all RBVL Players, Friends, Family, Referees, Sponsors and Future RBVL Players - - -

Wow! Another great season has gone by too quickly! This year we had a good practice night and no rainouts and it still went too fast!  Expanding the league to 56 teams was daunting at first, but the new teams proved to add quite a lot of excitement, both on the beach and on the dance floor! The Wave/ Kings Pharmacy came into the season in the 4th division, moved up to the 3rd and won the championship - unprecedented in RBVL History! Both Bar 13 NYC and the Rockaway Breakers showed us veterans how to really have some fun!  As usual, I want to thank my fellow committee members for their "blood, sweat & tears" in coordinating a great season despite increasing beauracratic complications and many more players. They are:

Denise Brunner - She took on financial, referee, sponsor and awards party demands and handled all with intelligence & humor.  I would have been lost without her this year.

Joe McGivney - #1 Cub Reporter, Rules Official and "Man of Reason"

Steve Gifford - Equipment Manager, "Do Anything That Needs to Be Done” Meister

Rocky Dorogoff - Equipment Manager, Parks Dept. Liaison, Cub Reporter

John Sica - Web Meister and Cub Reporter

Bugsy Goldberg – He took a much needed sabbatical mid-season but we were glad to see him playing and partying each week. Thanks for your help at the playoffs.

Without their dedication, this league would not be the amazing entity that it has become.  We are very grateful for your kindness in thanking us for our hard work. However, I would really appreciate more of you coming to the awards party each year. For a league of 700 people, it boggles my mind that only 125 people show up! I’m not asking for much; just get off the couch, come out and eat, drink and dance the night away.  What a hardship! This really means a lot to me so please, buddies (Bonnie Erin, Debbie, Alice, Renee, Cubby and Tommy Dalgish. - just to name a few), come next year and celebrate another great season with us! As usual, the 125 that attended the awards party had a blast. Thank you Kenny, Jill, Duke and all the staff at the Lobster House for a great job! Tommy, thanks for the Tunes!

      Love, Patty”