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Volley weather…….Volley good

By Rocky

Wednesday night as usual, was sunny, clear and no wind.

The team formally known as Abbracciamentos (Casino Tow) took the young guns from the Sugar Bowl five games to none.  It is amazing what the addition of fourteen year old Sarah McCarthy has done to the ancient warriors.  Charlie Brady just back from climbing in Switzerland observed Frank Ganun’s first serve go into the net.  He said “something’s never change.” When asked why he went to Switzerland to climb instead of the wall at Aviator Sports he replied “I didn’t want to pay the toll over the Marine Park Bridge.” Just to clear up a rumor around the league.  Tommy Dalgish, suspected of taking human growth hormones would like the league to know that he does add Ovaltine to his milk in the morning but it is legal.

Moose says go to Mr. Rocco’s for your hair cuts. He gives great trim. The New Irish Circle would like to thank the Federation for being so patient and courteous.  For their kindness to them they took four games from them.  No good deed goes unpunished. Erin dove for a ball and lost most of her uniform, but picked up ten pounds of sand.  The New Irish Circle 2021 team is already developing its roster.  Baby Eddy was being coached on serving by Billy Bostwick.     Congratulations to Marty Charles.  He just finished third in Newark’s architectural competition.  He entered his head in the geodesic dome category. 

The 200 plus people (No John Resker… No clam diggers allowed at the Wharf- Gilligan!)) who went back to the Wharf were treated to ice cold beer (very important) and plenty of good food.   In addition to the baked ziti and chicken wings there were roast beef sandwiches, roast pork, rice pilaf and spicy quesadilla.  The quality and quantity of the food was noticed by all who attended.   It certainly will be factored in when we pick the bars next year. Great job Wharf!

John Sica, who was scheduled to be the cub reporter this week, has been driving a truck for the teamsters.  He was last seen on Route 66 passing Buzz and Todd in their Corvette. (Name that show)

The entire Coppersmith team turned out Wednesday night and would like to say hello to the Kealy’s in Ireland.  Coppersmith’s lost three games.  Maybe Jack B. should have played with his shirt on.


Beth from Sons of Beaches actually beat the refs to the food. She did have to pull a couple of old roller derby maneuvers. Call Ripley’s of Believe it or not fame.  That is two weeks in a row.  The refs are getting slow. The Bay house Babes were thrilled that the Honeymooner were back from Vegas.  They are the glue that keeps the team together. Why was Renee sitting all alone in the crowded bar.   What does the crowd know that I don’t?  I guess the tongue lashing she gave to her last week has kept them coming near her second ball and her.

Sands Point beat the Lobster House five to zero.  The serving of John and Donna was superb and helped insure victory.  Carol Farrell kept the team well (de)hydrated with Corona’s.  Sands Point has handled so many volleyball injuries they have become the unofficial physical therapists for the league.


After last week’s display (meat intake) at the Pier it is obvious that the Pirahana’s needed roughage.  Tonight they got their roughage in the form of Kings Pharmacy, beating them three games to two.

Tonight Kevin Wallace dropped by (after 15 years) to root for the Senior Living Sharks.  Thanks to Cubby’s strategic moves the Sharks “only” lost four.  Cubby was complaining that the net was too low—“Any mook can spike then.”

There is a Beach 109th park reunion on Sunday August 5th from 12 to 6 with the after party at the Wharf. Any interested parties should call Sheila Mack at 718 869-2020.

Simon Say’s Sea bar says thank goodness for the valiant effort from TJ Mead.  He was the frogger of the court.   Joel was seen enjoying cough drops and Corona’s. Iguess he likes his hops mentholated. 

Jason from the Bay House Babes wins for icing his beers first.  He iced at 0630 and the wharf iced em at 1130 AM.

NPS maintenance found a bike on the boardwalk last week. If it’s yours see me next week. 

Today’s parental tip…Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

See you on the sand.