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Lightening Curtails Volleyball


By Rocky

Unfortunately, threatening weather caused the cancellation of volleyball halfway through the night on Wednesday. We do have a partial score though - Its All Good 13.  In their first and only complete game, the team formally known as Abbracciamentos went toe to toe with last year’s champs Freedhands.  After being down seven points, they roared back through the play of the aging Frank Ganun and budding young star, Sarah McCarthy.  Richie Whalen’s laser spikes combined with the soft hands of Marie McGoldrick were a tough combo but game one went to the team formally known as Abbracciamentos.  Freedhand’s was saved from a potential 5-0 sweep when Bugsy blew his air horn to postpone play.  In fact it looked bleak for the defending champs when the ref thought the rule for rainouts gave all 5 points to the winner of the first game.  Fortunately for the defending champs that wasn’t the case.  In fact, here is the rule on suspended games, taken right from your 2007 RBVL Rules:

“Rained out games will NOT be made up on the following night.  If matches have begun and are stopped due to weather, the completed games stand.  Partial games will count if one team has scored at least 11 points.  Play will be suspended by the sounding of an air horn if league officials determine that games should not continue.  All play should stop immediately, no matter the score.”

 Mike is either praying to the lightning gods, praising Liz, or just set the ball high in the air.  You decided.

Just to clarify, since there was much confusion on the beach – when the air horn sounds play should immediately stop.  However, that does not mean you can go home.  You should exit the beach and proceed up to the shelter of the buildings while league officials come to a final decision.  If play is cancelled, we’ll go back to the beach to retrieve the nets and balls.  Although a few folks disagreed, the majority of the league felt the cancellation of the matches was a wise and safe decision.  Looking at all of the children who were there with their families solidified that thought.  Standings will be updated next week with all official games plus next weeks’ results.

The RBVL Beach Party night will be here on Tuesday, 7/3.  You get to stay on the beach all night and the league will supply a DJ.  You just have to be creative and bring some grub to eat and a cooler or two of liquid refreshments.  As you all know, it’s the people that make the league and it’s the people that make a party so do it up.  We have electricity but we do not have lights.  If you have party or halogen lights we could use for the night please call Rocky at 347-672-0602.

Bobby Whelan made a big time appearance at Connolly’s and won the body shot contest hands down.  When the cats away, the big toe will play. Cubby almost left the Beach when he saw the lightening but then saw the price of beer at Connolly’s and decided to take his chances with the lightening. His defense was, “Not everybody who gets hit by lightening dies.”  Vinny Bonnano celebrated twice tonight – first when the Piranhas beat the Brooklyn Transplants and then afterwards since it  was his birthday.  The BBC cake was made by the Brouder family and was anatomically correct.  The Piranhas transformed their volleyball court into a Chucky Cheese birthday bash for their queen piranha.    Happy birthday, Vinny!  

Things were frantic at Robin Shapiro Island – lightening flashed, the wind blew, an air horn sounded and Denise flew the coop. When we all looked up, all that was left was a sand trail to the bathroom. Inspector Mike returned but did not live up to form as the Island split one and one.  Donna was noticeably absent as she couldn’t find her way out of Roxbury no matter how many flares John and Heidi sent up.  Happy birthday Pat and John as you approach forty.  Jameson’s swept two from the Mighty Boosh due to T.C’s excellent play. All players are reminded to bring two coolers in case they get stranded on the beach.  Patty did something she never did before –  she came into Connolly’s and ate but did not drink.   Good job Jeff!   The Bay House Babes enjoyed playing the Aviator Aces and say they are a welcome addition to the league.  The Beach House lost two despite the return of Bobbie (Tin Man) Fash.  He has just completed a Dale Carnegie course titled “How to win friends and Influence people.”  His mates congratulated him and promptly threw him off the team and deleted his e-mail address from all their computers.

Meteorologist Dickie Ferrin was wondering why Bugsy blew his horn when Dickie predicted that the lightening would not come anywhere near the beach.  Dickie made this prediction while safely ensconced under the overhang.  McMahon’s was in last place in the sixth division last year and now they are in fifth in the seventh division. That is moving up by moving down. Charlie needs to attend extra private practice sessions to work on his bumping.  The girls are improving as long as they stay out of the net.  (Fish-nets are okay though.)  Mickey and Gene are showing good form and on their way to being Co-MVP’s.  Bobbie McGinn continues to show grace and flare with his unorthodox serve. Practicing at Steve’s house has paid off for Connolly’s as they actually won the first game. Game two didn’t work out as well as they got stomped.  Too bad Bugsy didn’t blow the horn earlier.  Twenty four more weeks to go and where were the lovebirds? Borders sure talks a lot of smack for a team that lost two and 0.  But once again they are smothered in Cheese Fries. Hopefully, Lombardo has a better game next week. Rematch Monday night at six thirty at Beach 108! Rumor has it that the Cheese Fries are looking to start a duck – duck – goose competition.

The Brooklyn Transplants split a double header with the Lobster House.  How come the Lobster House didn’t show up at Connolly’s to celebrate their victory? Jameson’s Transplants remember Pops Deboer.  The Transplants are still not in danger of violating the three Reska rule.  Their attendance is pitiful as well as their play.  Why is the Reska cooler filled with dented, dusty beer cans and even a few Rheingold chug a mugs?  Today’s trivia question:  What were the Reska’s known as back in their heyday at the Hollywood Knights?  A – Kukla, Fran and Ollie, B – Mo, Larry and Curly, C – The Good, the Bad and the Extremely Ugly, D – Three Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest, E – All of the above.

Please bear with us as we sometimes have to change court layouts an hour before the games begin.  We are trying hard to cooperate with the Park Service aviary program.  For those of you who have screaming kids on the sideline you need to remind them that silence is golden but duck tape is silver. 

What other sponsor features its owner manning the BBQ grill, cooking up hundreds of hot dogs and cheeseburgers for the ball players?  None!  Once again, Jeff outdid himself, feeding the throngs from the minute the first patrons arrived to the point where no one could eat any more.  Good on you, Connolly’s!  That’s the way to satisfy the ever-growing chowhounds of the RBVL. 

The RBVL schedule now heads into its “Outdoor” section, with the next 5 parties featuring waterfront bars, starting next week with the RBVL Beach Party and then moving to the Lobster House, Pier 92, the Wharf and the Bay House in Breezy Point.  Sponsors, remember that the league is made up of 500 players these days as you make your party preparations.   

Next week’s party is at Riis Park.  See you on the beach!