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Practice Night

Sun Shines on RBVL Practice Night

 The first night of volleyball has meant one thing to Rockaway residents the last three years - torrential rain!  Until Wednesday night!  The sun was shining and hundreds of early birds bumped, set and spiked for the first time in nine months.  (I'm sure there will be a few sore bodies on Thursday.)  Afterwards, it looked like the middle of the summer as scores of revelers flocked to the Blarney Castle in Breezy point for a night of celebration to begin the 2006 volleyball season.  The food was terrific (especially the Irish meatballs) and the drinks were tasty making it one of the best opening nights ever.  Good on you, Blarney!  Shirts and schedules were distributed to all of the teams and summer friendships were renewed as the RBVL revved up its engines to speed ahead to the Summer of '06.

 Welcome to all the new teams and players.  We're happy to have you all onboard the RBVL express.  Arlene came out to represent Team Margarita but where were the rest of the 38 new players?  If they don't shape up next week they could set a record as the largest roster in history to have a forfeit.  First husband, Simon has joined the league and he has his own team, which he felt the need to call Simon Says Sea Bar.  Vanity thy name is Simon.  "So long, Grassy's, I'm a player now!"  Who's going to secure the good spots at the bars each week if Simon is on the beach playing?  Someone has got to answer the call but who will it be?  Stay tuned.  The Beach House had their usual opening day bar crowd – 1 – Eileen Bledsoe although several of their crew lingered beachside all night.

 The Mighty Boosh changed their name back to their original name, It’s All Better with the blessings of their former team, It's All Good.  Captain Allison may become the next generation's quote machine.  After all, she learned at the feet of the Yoda of Quotes and Headlines, TBG.  Cubby, Murph and Dickie Flanagan showed up late at the Blarney.  They claimed they were enjoying the monsoon winds at the beach so much they just “hung out”.  A passing park visitor commented that it looked like an episode of “Brokeback Beach!”   Perhaps Cement Shoes just can't bear the idea of playing ball without Allison and Brian, who carried the team all these years.  Can Seal step up and fill the void?  Don't count on it.

 Some players had a suggestion for a new format next year - play one game at the beach and then go straight to the bar.  It is under consideration.  It's eleven weeks away but Gigi is already making plans to defend her "Musical Chairs" championship at the BHYC.  No matter who wins this year she will always be our first.  Tommy Kearns is looking to referee.  This may be the first time that players actually give the ref a red card.  Is the world coming to an end?  Which couple sent one spouse home at 10:30 PM while the other continued his research until 1:00 AM?  Rumor has it he got up early to go fishing on Thursday, too.  Rocky was the best-dressed player on the beach with his government issue suit until Frank Ganun showed up and trumped him with his NYPD Finest clothes.  Where were Freedhand’s and Fillmore?  Rumor has it they found their own beach to practice on.  Bugsy has got to get a new sweatshirt because that 2002 model is looking ragged.  Commissioner Patty says thanks to the Thee Amigos, Mary Beth, Debbie and Allison for their special personal "Happy Hour" and thanks to Kevin who was kind enough to give her a ride home in his version of a stretch limo.

 The Transplants and the Turtles have been busy preparing for their move to a higher division.  New coolers have been purchased and chest hairs have been removed.  80 cases of beer and a case of diet coke have been procured and that's just for the first half of the season.  Greg had to sell the beer wagon and acquire a new pickup truck to transport the refreshments to the games.  Farewell to the FBI Guy who is off to train for the 2007 American Idol.  To follow the tradition, Mike M. will be going to Quantico, VA to attend the FBI Academy.  Best of luck, Mike!

 Connolly’s says the only one worse than the Sluyk Girl is Johnny Walsh, starting the season like he left off – no show!  Capt. Steve threatens that next week there better be full attendance at the beach and at the bar.  (If you’re taking the FDNY Captain’s test you’ve got a pass until June 6th.)   The squad was shaky at best.  A Night Out was wondering, "Who brought that god-awful fog horn?"  I guess they prefer "The Human Foghorn" - Bugsy.  Look what happens when Fluffy and Kelly have a night out?  Congratulations on their future VB star.  Did anyone see Sleeping Beauty?

 Only one wild pig showed up for One More? and a game could not be played.

Dennis Cook's flaming red hair accented his new bright yellow uniform but his teammates suffered from burnt eyeballs.  Is that the smell of rotting fisheads coming from Grassy’s?  Brian and Colleen had surgery and we hope that the doctor fixed their bumping, setting and spiking as well.  And as always, a shout out to our favorite cheerleader, Gio and good health as well!

 Abel Pena and his Beach Division team, the Sunset Bunch, have just lost their top female and male players for the season.  If anyone knows a couple or two singles that are looking for a competitive team in a competitive division please let Patty know ASAP.  You'll be joining a championship club from 2005.  Debbie Sluyk will be spearheading a weekend of fun and volleyball at Club Getaway on August 4, 5 and 6.  There will be a substantial discount for RBVL members and lots of activities geared for our folks.  Details will follow but for now just mark your calendar.  Feel free to ask Debbie about the trip in the upcoming weeks and let her know if you are interested.

 Condolences from your RBVL family go out to the Resker family on the passing of their father.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

 Next week the games and scores count.   As always, if you have any questions before then please call Patty Moule at 917-566-2809.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.  Let the games begin!  See you on the beach!