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2006 Week Three

By Joe McGivney and Mary Whelan

 The RBVL resumed play Wednesday night after a full washout a week ago.  Rain and thunderstorms threatened the Rockaways all day but disappeared at game time, leaving behind a beautiful volleyball night.  The Dempsey Sisters led the charge for Abbracciamento’s who took 2 games from the powerful Sullivan and Galleshaw squad.  The girls were everywhere and Jeannie even found time to take care of little James, who was attending his first RBVL match.  Tommy Dalgish looked like either the oldest 36 year-old or the youngest 55-year old player.  A signature and birth certificate check has been requested by acting captain, Joe to determine Tommy’s actual age.  Nice haircut.  Was that a #1 buzz? Or did the lawnmower go the wrong way? 

 One More? was very upset they didn't have Mr. Cook as their ref but they all managed to come out with their ears intact.  A new love affair blossomed on the court as Billy and Billy gave their rendition of Brokeback Beach.  Going back to work must have agreed with Veronica because she played awesome.  Hopefully, Joe will return from his training soon and hopefully he will be able to spell "OHIO."  Surprisingly, Tommy Morgan proved that "Short White Men Can Jump!"

 Desert Island won 3 games in their quest for a sweatshirt season.  The level of play was high with many unbelievable shots.  Matty played so well he may have to switch to drinking water every week.  Donna and Melissa were both missed and we hope they get off the DL soon.  With a record of 8-2, who needs Ricky?  Sue is still missing in action; should Missing Persons be called?

 Tom and Bubba held the fort for the Beach House, waiting for reinforcements and did a great job.  Bob, Dickie and Moose were busy coming in 3rd place at the Lt. Williams tournament in Long Beach.  Congratulations, men!  Watch out for the Fighting Irish of Boarders who have the pedigree of champions and the luck of the Irish on their side.  Sands Point PT lost to Odd Couples 2-3 and will be heading over tomorrow for some therapy to cure their ailments. Anyone else who needs some PT, come on by, you won’t be alone.  Tommy Tunes says the word for the night is “Jousting”.  It was the first time in 18 years he had that called, and he didn’t even have a horse!

 Several attendance streaks were broken, including the Brooklyn Transplants who were MIA.  Their pictures are being placed on the Budweiser and Coors trucks throughout the Tri-State area.  We were going to place them on milk cartons but we are not sure they drink milk unless they are drinking White Russians.  We are not really worried about the players but where is the cooler?  What league official was seen at 7:45 AM on Thursday wearing his/her RBVL uniform?  Is that your entire wardrobe?

 Remember that many of your neighborhood businesses, bars and restaurants support the RBVL and all we are asked to do is show up for a beer or two.  The last two turnouts were moderate, at best. Those who skipped the Kerry Hills missed the best food of the season, which of course included the infamous Shepherds Pie as well as the usual terrific Irish cooked Italian specialties.  Commissioner Patty asks that you find the time to stop and support our generous sponsors.  After all, how tough is it to eat some free food and have a cold beer?  When the league expanded to 46 teams there was some concern that the bars would be too crowded on Wednesday nights and the opposite has happened.  The crowds have diminished.  You'd almost think that people were taking their volleyball seriously.  Remember, you're not only supporting the sponsors, you're supporting each other.

 Cubby stayed late at the beach with his lantern working on his new invention, the Swiss Army bottle opener, knife, juicer, lantern, megaphone, Ipod, skate key Reefs.  Lets hope Chuck doesn’t patent it first or you are out of luck dude!  Captain America was sashaying across the sand singing his song, “Believe it or Not”, wondering why he had to walk across the Sierra desert to fetch the beers and his sidekick, Cubby.  When a Reefer license was mentioned, Cubby’s ears perked up and he demanded to get one of those licenses.  Much to his disappointment, Cubby was informed it was a refrigeration license and not the other kind.  What was he thinking?  Stick to EMT Cubby, you will need it!  In any event, Cubby and Murph finally showed up to the Kerry Hills because they were hungry!  Murph was getting hit on by a lovely mature lady but had to shove Cubby out of the way, telling him to find his own.  Last year we had Amazon women, the bachelor contest, Queer Eye, now what?

 The Federation played The Belle Harbor Yacht Club and had some great games considering the beginning looked bleak due to the massive traffic jam on the Belt Parking Lot.  Talk about getting your exercise, with no subs it was quite a workout.  Thanks for all the assists, guys and a special thanks goes out to the player who doesn’t want to play nice in the “Sandbox”, especially to Federation’s Mary.  But she could handle it and showed the big boy a thing or two, especially in the Kerry Hills.  Thanks for a great game.

 Now that we have gotten some rest and sleep behind us (due to the mini-Nor' Easter last week) we are ready to play volleyball.  It will probably be the only Wednesday now through September that some of us actually stayed in. Good luck to those who took the FDNY Captain’s test and the NYPD Sergeant's test this past Saturday.  You were missed.  For those who were out and about after the test you know what I mean!  I know we are definitely getting old(er) since the Circle emptied out before 11pm.  We may have to blur out the pictures on the website to protect the innocent.  

 Does anyone need to build a stone wall?  Go down to Bay 9 in Riis Park; there are enough stones there to build a wall and then some.  Thanks to Coach Tom from for digging boulders out of the sand and out of harms way.  Well it was nice that Grassy's Ratpack finally got a chance to play actual legal games, after the first three games were forfeited by Sunset Beach.  Finally they showed up with five players and a nine-year old, who may have been the best player on the team.  The Rats split the two games with special thanks to Mike and Dan for making an appearance.  Hey Brooklyn, the weather is different on this side of the Rock; we always play even in the rain (except lightening).

 The man of Last Call (minus the Beer Bitch who brought a six-pack to a team of 17) proved that their youth and vitality still shines through.  Was Zsa Zsa really stuck in the net like a tuna or was it one of her necklaces?  Kudos to Kate who proved to be a female MVP.  (Hope your massage was worth it.)  Dan the Man was the MVP for game 2.  Which Ross has the better serve?  Where was the team mascot?  Kerry Hills played the Harbor Light and lost in a good battle 3-2.  Joe and Egan had their game somewhere else, maybe because of the case of beer they brought down with them.  Remember folks, the ball needs to go over the net in order to score points. Welcome Steve and Melissa (who signed a waiver, as they don’t know what they are in for). Frankie & Johnny, volleyball night is like a school night -  stay in prior to the game please.  All the best to Della.  You are loved and your team and the community support you. Thanks for all you do.

 The Sharks beat “Its All Over” 3-2.  Cement Shoes was last seen on the beach around 9pm looking for his right foot, which mysteriously disappeared during game 3 when he fell face first into the sand. Immediately he demanded that the league supply toothpick or floss to get the sand out of his teeth.  Rocky and Steve are pricing out the best deal as we speak.  TBG was in deep discussion with the other players about getting a nomination to the RBVL Hall of Fame.  The problem is, you have to be good.  Pete Rose will get into the Hall of Fame before TBG.  Many of our charter members may want to start thinking about a video volleyball division next year. To say their skills are diminishing is an understatement. Remember if you hear something crack its not the beer opening, it's you!  Steve Gifford has been put on notice that he does not belong in the Beach division and evil death rays will be shot at him.

 One Win beat Connolly's 3-2 and it was Old-Timers day at the bar afterward.  But where were the old-timers from Connolly's?  The Cheese Fries are back.  They rocked the Pier 92 Piranhas  but both teams enjoyed themselves and each other immensely. How about that  air collision between Ryan and Tara (who really love each other)?  Yes, there can be mid-air intercourse if it isn't your sister.  Jean and Becky are missed.