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Week One

            “Another year of starting the season in the pouring rain,” a naysayer was heard on the boardwalk of Riis park at 6:20 as the thunder crashed and the rain fell.  But what happened next will hopefully be a sign of what will come for the league, and Rockaway, for the up and coming summer months.  The clouds blew east, the sun emerged, the wind died down and a beautiful rainbow landed in the ocean in front of the start of the Rockaway Beach Volley Ball League.

            The post game party was a hit as Healy’s served some great home cooking.  A good turnout and good tunes added to the fun.  Jimmy Mack and Cubby continued their perfect attendance streak on the beach and at the bar. 

            Abbraciemento’s was rolling along taking the first three from the young Kerry Hills team.  Rocky was in mid season form, hitting them down and hard.  The spunky Hills squad regrouped though and took the last two games with great play from the Walsh’s, Sica’s, and Kearns’s.  It’s a family affair.

            The Federation got off to a decent start, with the return of Jay Boyle from his one year hiatus, nursing his weakened back.  He looked strong.  Their new pick up, Mary Whelan, played strong adjusting to the new division.  The Feds took three from Fillmore.  Perhaps the absence of captain Tom Ford attributed to the good start.  Filmore started off slow peaceful and quiet, Laura and Glen were holding hands as usual while Jimmy the cheap bastard Katen needs to try to get out of the sand.  Rumor has it their one time young fluff, is now a woman, and has been blessed for life.  Jim McDonough needs to get his hands out of his pocket and hit the ball over the net.  As usual their loyal sponsor is trying to keep the peace.  I give it two more weeks.  As usual Tim the Great keeps his team together.  Donna of West Islip brought two young teenage varsity players to try to rescue Filmore from Tim the Great, but was a little apprehensive after reading some of the stories in the Wave from last year.  But when the rainbow broke through the rain, and a beautiful full moon rose, the magical night was transformed into a huge success. Except the winning part.  The girls, Charlotte and Jenn shone like the full moon and they salvaged two games.

            The Bikini Bottom All Stars, and I stress “bottom”, as they continue to drop through divisions, were distracted by the damn rainbow.  As the “All Stars” that Sica recruits continue to move on to powerhouses, (see Rich, Bernie, Jack, Linda. Jason, Scotty, Colleen, Other Jack, Kevin, Joe, etc.), what’s left looked disoriented against the former third division powerhouse, Stealth.  The young Stealth team used their overpowering serves to beat Bikini Bottom, who had trouble making a good pass.  League Commissioner Patty made a perfect debut for her new team, serving every opportunity in.  TJ Toohey and Mike Sica were another bright spot for the struggling team.

            Palmer who came out of retirement is playing for Connolly’s Island.  Maybe he should stay in retirement as they ended up winless in week one.      The Xaverian boys Jake Toohey, and Pat O’Leary shone brightly for Sands Point Physical Therapy as they swept all five.  Iron woman Carol adjusted to another sport will certainly dominate in time.  Happy birthday Steve.  Any team member who is feeling the pain of victory can visit Sands Point to prepare for next week.

                        The New Irish Circling Sharks attacked with a vengeance. They swept the Kerry Hills squad 5 – 0. Despite missing their two new signees, Brian and Ally, the team seems to be jelling early. This probably explains why Commissioner Goldberg secretly moved his squad, Its All Good, out of the Sharks division. Rumor has it that the new signees were spotted playing for Its All Good. How can that be when they signed onto the Shark’s roster????? An official inquiry has been made with Commissioner Goldberg. Something fishy is going on. Probably because Mr. Goldberg is faced with playing predominantly 50+ aged players on his squad (i.e. the TBG and Lifeguard Chair Rick).  

The Kerry Hills played valiantly and showed a tremendous sportsmanship. The newest and youngest addition James Pareja played four strong games for his squad with his great all around play. Steve Kearns playing on his 51st birthday, still is an outstanding player and contributed to the sweep. The Kerry Hills squad is full of young athletes and promises to be in the mix come playoff time. Don’t under estimate this group.

            The Irish Circle Ramblers and Gamblers, would like to welcome the new team, the Brooklyn Transplants. They proved to be good sports and we for see many a good nights with them.  The welcoming included a 5-0 beating and even their party tent couldn’t cover their loss.  As an aside, we hope this doesn’t become the summer of missing Debbie. Hats off to Erin for as always, being an excellent coach.  Veronica overcame a torn muscle in her calf to play excellent.  The Brooklyn Transplants started off their inaugural season with a disappointing showing by the famed Resker brothers.  But thank God for Brooklyn’s best, Pat Connolley, Dan Sugrue, and Jenn Mollaghan, who put some points on the board.  They had fun anyway and are ready to get that first win.

                        Next weeks party is at the Rugby clubhouse which has a great backyard and barbeque.  Lets hope for a beautiful night.