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Irish Circling Sharks 4            Beach Club 1
Gen X & Y 4                           Psychic Friends 1
Beach House 2             IBK’s New Edition 3
Federation 4                             Abbraciamento’s 1
T.N.T. 3                                   Kerry Hills 2
Healy’s 3                       Jamesons 2
Suns of Beaches 4                    Your Mother’s team 1
Dig This 4                                 Fillmore Ins. 1
Coppersmiths 5                        Connolly’s 0
Tap & Grill Island 4                 Tap & Grill 1
It’s all good 5                           Jerry’s Kids 0
Rugby 5                                   Maimonides ER   0

Rockaway Beach Volleyball League

Give the Trophy to Coppersmith’s


Coppersmith’s continued to roll sweeping to the top spot for the second consecutive week.  Meanwhile the old guard continued to struggle.  Perennial leader Connolly’s has only one victory in two weeks, and the Federation pounded Abbracciamento’s 4-1.  In the white division, the Fisheads look strong, and in the Blue Division Tap & Grill Island has circled July 11th on the calendar when they will meet the strong It’s All Good.

                Here are the stories as reported at the post game party at Healy’s, TO GET YOUR STORIES IN THE WAVE OR ON THIS SITE COME TO THE POST GAME PARTY AND SEE JOHN SICA.

Bobby Whalen was all over the court like a tornado for Healy’s, as they beat Jameson’s 3-2 after last weeks threat.  During the fourth game, Jay Butler and TC Sullivan threw sand at each other drawing a red card.

George Johnson is officially declaring its tank top weather.

Jerry’s Kids would like to report that they believe it was very unfair how they were taken advantage of by “It’s All Good”. All they have to say is “It’s All Bad”.  “It’s All Good” got a big lift from the South as they imported some talent from Virginia.  The female half of the Couillard duo, came back to insure the victory.

The Federation was wondering what’s the big deal about moving up in division as they whooped perennial powerhouse Abbracciamento’s 4-1.

TNT serves one up to Kerry Hills in a hard fought match.

The Two Time reigning champions Rugby Fisheads swept through Maimomides ER 5-0. Special thanks to Ringer Dan Boyle, who joins the team after 18 holes of golf and can still play the game.  Kevin Dresch, Mike, Joe, Ellen, Cathy, and Jim McMorrow stood in mightily for the Fisheads.

Coach moved to Long Beach where professional volleyball is played.  (see photo).  Lea Abbracciemento has recovered from the loss and has found a new shower buddy, Jimmy the Horse Trainer.  Sorry Coach.  Best wishes to the happy couple.

Don’t forget the big party is at Connolly’s this week, June 13th.

If anyone lost keys with a Canada, Yankees, Israeli and Vegas medallions contact Patty.  We think it’s a Wild Canadian Jew that loves to gamble on the Yankees.