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Here are some of the stories as reported in the post game party at Connoly’s. 

Coach who knows and enforces every rule, (and even some that aren’t available yet) was mad that the Federation couldn’t understand why Connolly’s still  wasn’t ready to play at 6:30.  After the forfeit Connolly’s came back with three straight and led in game five 9-2 before the Federation mounted a great comeback led by superb play by Greg, Maureen, Tom and Jay to take the game.  After the game Coach walked off and refused to shake hands with the usually mild mannered Federation.  Lea pointed out that this is why she left Coach for Jimmy the Horse Trainer.

This just in - Connoly’s coach Steve has asked Coach to turn in his shirt before next week.  After conferring with coach’s Irish volleyball pupil, Devlin from Lawrence, Steve agreed that it’s just not worth it.

After the way that Jerry’s Kids played tonight they might not need the telethon.  They defeated The Beach Club 4-1.  The Kids were very happy to play with or against “Red Teeth” and the rest of the Beach Club who are the best, win or lose.

The Circling Sharks were one jaw short because Louie was stuck at LaGuardia Airport trying to find a ringer from Florida.  They still managed to win 3-2 against It’s All Good.  The Sharks left Murphy looking for a new route to deliver his mail.  It’s all Bad again.  Dottsie and Steve Kearns are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary, by coincidence with each other.  The win made it special.

As John Sica writes this article every week at the bars, he gets thirsty.  Can you please start helping next week.

Fillmore Insurance swept to a 5-0 victory behind the great play of Jimmy “the cheap Bastard” Katen.  With all his injuries (bitching and moaning) he still came through for the team.  The boys would like to thank the girls for baby-sitting and letting them out for a beer.  (Because they are the kings of the castle)

IBK’s New Addition had a tough night losing 3-2 to Dig This, in part due to missing key player TJ Tooey who was too tired to bother.  Also because Captain John Brennan had too many Red Bulls, (non alcoholic energy drink which is supposed to give you wings).  Does anyone remember what happened to Icaraus?  Maybe he should switch to Heineken.

Jamesons after struggling against Healy's in week two came out firing an all 
cylinders beating Psychic Friends 5-0 despite missing their team captain.  
Jay Butler filled the role of team leader after waking up suddenly on tuesday 
at 3 a.m. from a deep sleep with a vision of himself taking his team to 
glory.  Not sure what to make of this premonition  he immediately got on the 
phone with psychic friends "guru in training" George Johnson, who by the way 
is being trained by the infamous psychic legend Tom Mulqueen.  George due to 
his substantial traing in dream analysis easily deciphered Jays dream telling 
him his captain would be unable to make the games at the last minute "because 
it must be the money" and he would fill his flip flops.  George, realzing  
from Jays dream his team would drop 5, didn't bother showing up on Wednesday 
knowing you can't change the future of  a psychic dream.  This week Jamesons 
will be matched up against Coppersmiths "aka Maries All Stars"  who finally 
lost, but will be looking for revenge against Jamesons.  Team Jamesons is 
concerned another vision could be on the way this week bringing them the same 
fate the Psychic friends had this week.  

League president Patty Melt sends out a plea for Volleyball referees.  If anyone is interested the pay is $40 for a nights work.  If interested e-mail her at rbvl@lycos.com.

Next weeks party, June 20th is in the Beach Club.