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Week Seven: Action at the Top!

 Kerry Hills hosted a terrific party after an exciting evening of volleyball at Riis Park Wednesday night. The new Kerry Hills Pub looks great and maintains the hospitality they have been famous for. A DJ and the best Shepherd’s Pie in town added to the festivities. 

Jameson’s and Abbracciamento’s tangled in a tight match with Abbraciamento’s winning the first 3 games but dropping the final two. Joe Moore says it’s a miracle that Abbracciamento’s won with Joe McGivney serving 30 feet out of bounds in game 1, his first missed serve since the Reagan administration. Joe and John Sica looked like Siskel and Ebert at the Kerry Hills Pub, fighting over the laptop (and the complementary drinks). 

Fillmore did it again with a 5-0 sweep. The team would like to thank Jimmy “The Cheap Bastard” Katen for staying at the firehouse one more week, playing with the pole. Mr. Richard Maloney will appear next week in his wife’s favorite dress. Fillmore now has all the women that they need. Thanks, Rich. Thanks to Debra for correcting all of Jim’s mistakes. What would we do without her!  Una needs a little more practice with her stroking motion to get her serves over the net. Tim requests that she works on that during the week at home. 

In a heated battle in the Blue Division the top two teams fought it out. It’s All Good prevailed 3-2 over the Circling Sharks. Steve Kearns served 8 straight points in game 4 for the Sharks but Coach Bugsy made a few key moves and gave an inspirational pre-game speech to win the deciding fifth game. The match was won with great play by the Bagleys and the return of Debbie Kenel. To be sure, it had nothing to do with the return of Tim Murphy. The author wishes to apologize for the mistake of stating that Tim Murphy was put on waivers, it was actually supposed to be Ricky “Cement Shoes” Flanagan. Unfortunately, Coach Bugsy did not have the guts to tell him when he showed up at the beach, thus being forced to play him. Moroney from the Irish Circle was wondering if Murphy was really thinking about his retirement when he hit the “Reverse Bullet” to him into the wind. Perhaps retirement is his future! Welcome to the newest Shark, Richie who wants to know if there is going to be a 60 and over age division next year. Has the big trade of a mystery player from It’s All Good to the Sharks been “SEALED”? Sitting alone in the corner he was easy prey for the Circling Sharks. 

In the White Division the Rugby Fisheads beat the Beach House 4-1. Donna reports that the Fisheads did it without the “A” Team who were missing due to a men’s thong pageant at the Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium that they couldn’t pass up. Rookie Renee is happy to be back in action again after leaving the pressure cooker known as Healey’s. The Beach House was understaffed all night and struggled to win one game. They kept staring at the boardwalk all night waiting for a fire truck to rescue them. How come these guys can’t work a mutual?

In the Blue Division Jerry’s Kids pulled together in a big match for a 5-0 victory over the Tap and Grill Island. Phenomenal all around play by Tricia and Paul sparked the team. Their serving with the difficult wind conditions was amazing and keyed the win. The league statisticians have noted that the team is 10-0 since Georgey quit the team. I guess the team really misses him! 

The top two teams in the Red Division squared off for first place and bragging rights with Coppersmith’s winning 3-2 over Generation X & Y. Although Jack Bradley is still among the missing and was last seen on the back of a milk carton, the “Boys of Coppersmith’s” were able to carry the squad. Outstanding play by Scotty, Joe Mac, Daddy Mark and Captain Craig (except for the last serve that he watched hit the line) spurred the team on. The “Gatorade Sisters” and Mrs. Carey were proud to be a part of the action - not to mention Marie blocking the big gun, Richie Whelan. After losing the first three games the Generation X&Y took it personally and regrouped under the leadership of Captain John Sica. Rich Whelan played exceptionally well despite a painful sprained ankle. If he adheres to the training program that has worked so well for George through the years he might be able to avoid those nagging injuries. George has never yet missed a game due to an athletic injury although he has been late a couple of times due to excessive imbibing. 

After being asked to leave numerous teams through the years Coach may have finally worn out his welcome this time. Mild mannered Steve had to kick sand in his face before he got the message that there was no way he could ever return. Steve noted that his 3 year old son has better manners and is a better sport. In fact his exact words were “$#$^&*$ and @#$$%*” followed by “$#%@!# and *^&$#@^”. I think Coach got the message. Coach, you are the “weakest link” - GOODBYE! 

Mark down Sunday, August 19th on your calendars. The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League will sponsor a volleyball clinic for all children ages 8-16 on Beach 117th St. Instruction will be led by the women of Coppersmith’s and other coaches and officials from the league. The event is free for the youngsters and all are

welcome. If you have any questions please call Clair at 718-836-7442 - or just come down and have some fun playing volleyball. Coach Sica recommends that his teammates look into attending the session - it might improve their game. Or maybe Marie and Clair would consider joining the Generation clan. 

Next week’s party (7/25) will be held at the Irish Circle. We’ll see you all there.

RESULTS for 7/18

Abbraciamento’s 3 – Jameson’s 2; Coppersmith’s 3 – Generation X&Y 2

Just Healy’s 3 – Connolly’s 2; Psychic Friends 3 – Federation 2

Fillmore Insurance 5 – IBK 0; Rugby Fisheads 4 – The Beach House 1

Dig This 4 – Kerry Hills 1; TNT 4 – Maimonides ER 1

The Beach Club 5 – Tap and Grill 0; It’s All Good 3 – Circling Sharks 2

Suns of Beaches 5 – Your Mother’s Team 0; Jerry’s Kids 5 - Tap and Grill Island 0