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Week Four : Position Week

Position Week- Show Down At Riis

Kerry Hills has put it all together with a mix of experience and youth.

It was show down week, and the top teams in the Red and White division showed the number two teams why they’re the best.  In the Red Divison Coppersmiths took four as did Kerry Hills in the White.  But in the Blue, It’s All Good took over first by upending Tap & Grill Island 4-1.

Here are the stories as reported in the Beach Club at the post game festivities. Remember if you want your team’s story in the Wave, look for the guy with the lap top at the post game party.  Next week’s party is in The Boulevard Tap & Grill.  Don’t forget to check the league’s web site at http://rbvl.tripod.com/.

Coppersmiths continued to roll beating, former second place Jameson’s 4-1 because they exploited the “weakest link” Sean.  Scotty continued to dominate along with the other ringers, most notably Clair.  For more on this game check below.

Once again Dancer has not shown up to the post game party.  For some reason he thinks the party every week is in Healy’s.  Hence the name “Just Healy’s”!

Kerry Hills has found a new blond for their team.  She doesn’t know anything about volleyball but boy can she drink.  They don’t need her because they have just taken command of first place after beating Dig This 4-1.  Led by the young blood of Chris Walsh, Mike Gambino and Kenny Kearns they fought hard barely winning but hanging on for the 4-1 victory.  Divine intervention by Peter Kearns crucifix on the chain around his neck caused the ball to go over for a crucial point.

Rocky and Joe’s trip to Virginia proved fruitful.  Their hiatus with their guru Major Tom paid off as they whooped the Federation 5-0.  The Feds were playing with an injured Greg Tracey who injured something on his bachelor party.

Josephine from County Mayo is still waiting for George to make another pass, set, or bump (and this ain’t volleyball).

            Fillmore Insurance won 4-1 over TNT despite Jim Sluyk touching Laura’s ball one too many times. Beware of the  Renegade, the Queens are out tonight and the boys were sent to their room. (they call that their castle).

            It’s All Good, fighting for first, surrendered the first game to Tap and Grill Island in humiliating fashion.  “It’s All Good” regrouped and spanked the Tap and Grill for four straight behind Tim “the mailman” Murphy’s aggressive play to catapult them back into first place.

Last years champs Generation X & Y finally got a sweep as they  beat Healy’s for the second straight week, 5-0 this week and 8-2 for the past two weeks.  Linda Humphry’s who had a 7:30 appointment on court 2 left, played brilliantly in game five and assured the sweep. Great sets by Patricia Sica led to devastating hits by Bernie O’Conner and Rich Whalen.  Generation X & Y is anticipating Z with Linda and Ed’s beautiful baby Paige Caroline slated for the 2016 team.

Jerry’s Kids have proven that the telethon is definitely not needed as they easily swept through the “Son’s of the Beaches”.  They think it was all due to (or in spite of) Erin’s one fisted hits!

The post game party at the Beach Club was rocking due largely in part to the hostess with mostess Leigh Ann.  Next weeks party is at Boulevard Tap and Grill.  Be there.

Jamesons had a tough week against Coppersmiths aka "Marie's All Stars" losing four of five and dropping to third place. Jamesons was able to give the future champs a couple of scares with fine defensive play by the twin towers Sean O'talk and Mike "I own Joe McManus" Buckley but, were unable to get over the hump. Just Healy's and Psychic friends continue to struggle in the upper division and their respective captains are searching for answers . Jimmy Mona of Psychic Friends was seen crying in his beer about the glory days when Marie set him all the way to a championship. George "its tank top season" Johnson still isn't talking to former teammate Marie after her sudden departure from the Psychic Friends franchise. Bobby Whelan was spotted wandering around the bar aimlessly after another dismal losing night with "we're just not Healy's". After six cold beers, Just Healy's team captain, Bobby Whelan, was talking trash about next weeks rival Coppersmiths predicting the win. Coppersmiths fearless fem Marie predicted a clean sweep. My prediction, Bobby will need a twelve pack after next week's games. Pack a cooler! Hi Jack-a-louch.

 Results Week Four:

Coppersmith 4                         Jameson’s 1

Generation X & Y 5                 Just Healy’s 0

Abbracciamento’s  5                Federation 0

Connolly's 4                           Psychic Friends 1

Kerry Hills 4                           Dig This 1

Fishheads 3                              IBK 2

Fillmore 4                               TNT 1

Beach House 4                       Maimomides 1

 It’s All Good 4                        Tap & Grill Island 1

Sharks 5                                  Tap & Grill 0

 Jerry’s Kids 5                          Sun’s of Beaches 0

Beach Club 4                          Your Mother’s Team 1