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Week Five:

As we reach the halfway point tight races are developing in every division.  Here are the stories as reported by you the players:

 Kerry Hills continued to dominate the White Division due largely to their inspirational support this week by Bill Newman who is visiting from Ireland.  Corny Ken Kearns played exceptionally well with his grandfather looking on.  The one game they lost could be attributed to Liam Bulgers not being there again, but you know he would be fighting with Eileen Bledsoe anyway, only this time she’d be on the other team.  Maybe he was afraid to face her. PS Tubbs get well soon. 

The Fisheads Rugby versus Fillmore Insurance started way too early (6:15).  By the time the Fisheads “A” players, John McCann and Kevin Gillespie showed up they were two games down.  Their fine play and the captains “intelligence” provided the Fisheads with a much needed win.  They took two of the last three to save face (fishead face).  Since Donna Lynch’s absence, the Fisheads are well ahead of their usual pace.  They want to remind the league that they feel comfortable slacking off until championship day.  

          Fillmore Insurance would like to remind The Fisheads that no matter what time it started and who they had, they were lucky to get two thanks to Filmores generosity.    Speaking of generosity one of the Fillmore girls were overheard offering the Fisheads favor on the sideline to throw the game when she said “who wants to fool around.”  Another Fillmore Girls should remember to make note of what clothes she came with when she leaves the beach.

Joe Moore “sealed” a 5-0 victory for “It’s all Good” over the host Tap and Grill to keep them in a first place tie with the Sharks.

          Dynamite!  TNT must have left it at home because they were blown out of the warm beautiful water by the Irish Beach Kids 5-0. The great setting by Laura Brennan and Kelly Vilakis, and the great defensive moves by Patrick Benn and TJ Toohey.  John Brennan Jr. was on top of his game hammering spikes all night.  Coach Brennan attributes the win to the fact that Tom Toohey was keeping Rockaway safe

          Last week it was erroneously reported that the Beach Club won only a mere four games, when it was in fact five!  This week they also won five and played with only two guys. So much for testosterone. 

          Generation X&Y showed Abbraciamento’s why they are defending champs in the first two games winning easily.  Abbraciamento’s  fought back though, winning the next two games behind the consistent play of their team. 
Frank Gannun and Rocky hammered home many spikes on the sets of Trish and Patty Melt, while Kevin, Joe and Charlie watched intently. Frank lost his balls when Linda bumped one right between his thighs.  Gen X & Y played most of their games without George Mastorides, the only guy who paid up so far, who was benched for all but one game.  “I ain’t driving for 30 minutes to play one game,” the retired lieutenant was overheard as saying.  Retired Sgt. Sica refused to comment on whether George’s being late had anything to do with it.  “We’re retired, we don’t answer to nobody,” the retiree noted.

          The Psychic Friends pulled themselves out of the cellar of the Red Division with a 5-0 victory over the Federation.  Inspired by trade rumors that Coppersmiths is “giving” Clair’s sister back to the “Friends” for a player to be named later.  Claire’s sister denied all the rumors, as much as she loves her Psycic Friends- especially the Johnson’s Brothers.  She would like everyone on the team to know she has a name, ask Marie.  Big John Biscaino is deep into the doghouse after ordering everyone not to bring coolers because he was “in charge” of beverages this week.  After all that Big John was a no-show.  He must of  been checking to see if each can was cold before he brought them.  Possibly the suspension blew out in his truck.  For the Feds it was the best 0-5 night possible as they enjoyed a beautiful night under the setting sun on the beach with coolers, friends and family including Big Jack and Carol Tracey.  Too bad their son Greg didn’t join the party.

Jerry’s Kids wants to report that the telethon is back on!  There is nothing else to say after their tough week except give big in September.

The post game party at the  Tap and Grill was excellent.  The food off of their new menu was exceptional. Owner Andy Cholakis prides himself on the freshness and attention to detail in their fine food.  Their new private dining room offers a quite setting for their great food.  

It was Deja Vu all over again for "Just Can't Get A Win" aka Just Healy's as they have dropped five games for the second week in a row. Claires' All Stars formerly Maries' All Stars aka Coppersmiths were just too much to handle even on a week when they were missing key players.  Team Healy's main trash talker Bobby Whelan was unable to back up his words with play due to the great defense played throughout the night by Craig Carey and Scotty Hendricks of Claires' All Stars shutting down Bobby "I need help" Whelan's hitting attempts all night. Rumours are floating out there that the overpaid and under performing Whelan may be traded in the off season for two young hitting prospects. Another rumor out there is Marie Ringer, sister of Claire Ringer "Coppersmiths" may be traded by the July 1st deadline back to the Psychic Friends. Coppersmiths clearly overloaded at the setter position is looking to move Marie [Claires sister] in favor of a new young prospect since they realize Claire is the future of the franchise. In other action Jamesons and Connoly's met for the first time this season in what proved to be an even matchup.   Jamesons, after winning the first three were unable to continue the sweep as Tom Dalgish of Connolly's proved to be too much to handle with his fine hitting. Coach of Connolly's, refuses to turn in his shirt to team captain Steve and continues to show up each week to play after being thrown off the team three weeks in a row. Since Connolly's was only able to field five players Coach was allowed to play once again this week. After winning game five Connolly's captain immediately told Coach he was off the team again. Jamesons' who showed up with three full coolers continues to show teams like Coppersmiths "Team Gatorade" why they are the real class of the league. Hey Marie {Claires' sister} it's beach volleyball in the summer, have some fun, pack a cooler you guys don't have to win every game!


Reminder, the night of the championship day, August 11, there will be a fund raiser, one beach over at Fort Tilden with two bands, a deejay and lobster fest.   The donation will be $25 open tap and assorted beverages for Park Partners of Fort Tilden.  Details will be forthcoming from Rocky.

July 11th the party is at the Rugby Fisheads clubhouse bar-b-que and horseshoes.  Be there.  And don’t forget to look for the guy with laptop to give him your teams story for the Wave.  And buy him a beer!