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Week Eight: Divisions Taking Shape

   As the playoffs approach, Coppersmiths has established itself as the team to beat.  Fillmore Insurance and Dig This have knocked Kerry Hills out of the top spot, and It’s All Good keeps rolling.  Let the Good Times Roll.

          Coppersmiths has shown why they are the class of the league demolishing Gen X&Y 5-0 and sending them packing to third place.  Without Craig, the team was able to use their best front line of Scotty and Claire and took Gen X&Y easier than last week when they struggled with Craig and Marie leading off. The excellent play of Joe McManus, Brian Carey and Marie (Claires sister) in the front line was a great substitution for the missing superstar.  We hope the Carey’s are having a great time on their Cruise and we wish them a happy 10th anniversary.  Claire was so happy to be undefeated for the night until there was a challenge of fours after the match, and her sister Marie took two from her, along with Rich Whalen, Jimmy Mack and the elder Sica.  At least Marie planned on showering after the match.  For another take on the match see below.

            Kathy Stanis (Patty Melts sister) wants everybody to know that if she didn’t stroll on the boardwalk twelve years ago and ask Bob Fash if they needeed females, the sisters wouldn’t be here today.  Hence, Patty Melt, our fearless leader would not be running things so smoothly today.  The family tradition continues as her son Brian (the shovel) is now playing for Connely’s and is not trying to fill Coach’s over inflated shoes.  Happy Birthday to Kathy.

            Miss Melt’s team Abbraciemento’s moved into second with a 5-0 sweep over Just Healy’s.  It was reported last week that Joe McGivney had ended his twelve year “serve in” streak when he hit one out.  This week we found out why.  Joe is now spending his free time on blocking drills, and not on practicing his serve.  His two roof blocks took the heart out of Healy’s.  More on Healy’s below.            Fillmore Insurance, after collectively carrying Tim (I’m my own biggest cheerleader) Devlin, have finally made it to the top of the heap.  Tim was really hitting the ball hard tonight maybe because he is finally getting it up.  Tim how’s your wrist?  (Una we hear your wrist’s are fine).  Fillmore would like to thank Tim for keeping this difficult team together with his charisma and fantastic play.  They took three out of five tonight against the Hills.  There were a lot of Blarney Swears between Tim and Kerry Hills.  Tim is the Irish star pupil of Coach.  Jim Sluyk’s shorts tonight look like he’s ready to try out for the Fire Island Pines Volleyettes next year.  Sunday Tea Dance, be there or be square.  We all know the winner of musical chairs that occurred at the post game party in the Irish Circle.  John of Fillmore, got the best lap dance of his life.  The other “winner” got a five ounce bottle of champagne.

            After losing five more games this week, the Psychic Friends were overheard saying, “Marie’s sister’s-Claire is right.  We do suck!” 
There is a rumor out there that George Johnson turned in his surfboard for an engagement ring this week.  Did he make the right choice??

            The Son’s of Beaches have shown great improvement over the year, unfortunately they lost tonight 4-1 to  Jerry’s Kids.  The Kids still are searching for Georgie.  Jerry’s Kids want to report about one of their players, but they are still waiting for him to do something newsworthy.  His initials are BK.  Maybe this will satisfy him.

There were great volleys back and forth all night, attesting to the improved play of the SOB’s.  And Bonnie still wants her $2 or you’ll hear about it next week in the Wave.

            Their is obvious dissension amongst the “Its All Good” team of the Blue Division, as was evidence tonight by half of the team failing to show up for the game.  Coach Bugsy could be seen flipping out and waiting to be carted off to Bellveue,  As a result of this lack of team spirit, the team forfeited the game to lack of players.  This was probably due to the fact  that half the team thought  they were cut, or traded.  Ricky “Cement Shoes” Flanaghan, showed up despite his teams attempt to bury him.  It appears they used Plaster of Paris instead of real concrete.  Timothy (TBG, the Mailman, who needs Murph) Murphy expressed his real concern about the upcoming playoffs against the Irish Circle and the Moroney clan.  Rumor has it that Murphy will be wearing a wig and posing as a one of the girls for the upcoming playoffs.  The Circle doesn’t mind.  The Circle sends its regards to Coach Bugsy in hopes his stay at Bellvue is brief. 

            For Tap and Grill Island, Jackie’s chest kept hitting the net causing a violation, losing valuable points.  Too bad Jackie is a man.  Maybe he should get a “Man-Zeere” from Kramer.   Tap and Grill managed to salvage two wins despite his buxom nature.  Maybe the Tap and Grill should end their tradition of doing funnels of beers for their mistakes.  Obviously Jakie’s many funnels go right to his chest.

            Della, next time you throw a temper tantrum, make sure you hit your target, Liam and not Noel.  Or better yet, just don’t kick sand,  have another beer and lighten up like they do in Co.Galway.  As we all know Co. Galway beat Co. Cork this weekend.  Gerry Adams tough luck. Maureen Monaghan won that bet on Galway and will be treating the team next week. (if she gets a job).

            Healy’s AKA “Just In the Crapper”,  dropped another bomb this week, losing all five to Abbracciemento’s which puts them in sixth place.  Most of the losses were team captain Bobby Whelans fault.  His screaming at the team “just give me the damn ball” was reminiscent of Keyshawn Johnson, another New Yorker who wore out his welcome.  By the way Jameson’s took four.

            The Rugby Fisheads took another four from the Beach House, finishing a 8-2 run over the freelance firemen in a two weeks period.  Without a league sanctioned referee, Dennis “the fire is out” McClain was quoting rule 5 section 3 paragraph 6 which clearly states a “bump” begins when the sperm hits the egg, and there is no disputing it.  Refs please come back.   Dan Boyle receives kudos for his three inch vertical leap and Kevin #2 receives honorary mention for his excellent on court presence without injuring the women.

The following poem was presented at the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow competition at Harvard University last week.


Coach was the name of the man

Who was kicked in the face with some sand.

He buried his shirt

In a large pile of dirt

And he was never to be seen again.


            And finally some party news.  After the finals on August 11th, there will be a Fort Tilden Beach Party, from 6p.m. to midnight.  There will be Open Tap and beverages, D.J. Tubs, Voleyball, Live band and much more.  The cost is only $25 with the proceeds going to our volleyball league.  The end of the season party is on Saturday August 25th at the Knights of Columbus, 7:30 to 12:00.   Everybody is welcome, not only volleyball players.  Details will follow.  Next weeks party is at the Tap and Grill.

 After sweeping genaeration X and Y  Coppersmiths was in full celebration mode
as if they had just won the title.  Team captain Marie "Claire's sister" was
seen up on stage in the Irish Circle smacking her butt simulating the
spanking Coppersmiths had just given Generation X and Y.  The two gatorade
sisters Marie and Claire were also seen flying around on their brooms
throughout the bar yelling sweep, sweep, sweep.  Will this be enough to
motivate Generation X and Y to bring their A game for the playoffs?  Will
they be able to exact revenge?  The other big matchup was Just Healy's pitted
against Connolly's formerly Coach's team.  With the replacement of Coach,
Connolly's appears to be ready to make a run in the standings after crushing
Just in the Crapper 5-0

Connolly's drubbing of Just Healy's appears to have made them a lock for the
playoffs while Just Healy's is hanging onto the sixth and final playoff spot
as the season is coming to an end.  Just Healy's was known as a powerhouse
team only last year when they made it to the finals.  They are now a team
which may be filled with players who are on the downside of their careers.  
In order to stay in the competive division they will have to get an injection
of talent before next season or consider dropping down to the next division.  
Speaking of dropping down a division Psychic Friends went 0-5 again this week
which is causing the team to doubt there desire, ability or talent to
consistently win.   [See article on Coppersmiths vs Psychic Friends week
seven *Claires comments]  Rumours are afloat that Just Healy's and Psychic
Friends are in trade talks looking to move some players for future draft
picks and shedding both teams of dead weight.  You know who you are!  Our
last matchup of the week featured Jamesons and Federation.  Jamesons took the
first four games with some good all around play but were unable to finish the
job losing the last game 11-0.  A complete disgrace, showing no character and
maybe that's why they remain in fourth place for the third week in a row.  
There are some trade rumours going on between Jamesons and Just Healy's as
well.  Mike Buckley has been at the forefront of these rumours after
cementing his feet in the sand two days in a row. Free agent and up and
coming  volleyball phenom Brian "Sully" Sullivan showed up Mike Buckley on
the Beach 130st. independent league.  After personally challenging the taller
and more experienced Buckley to go head to head Sullivan came out on top
drawing the attention of volleyball enthusiasts throughout the penisula.  Hey
Buckley get with the progam your only as good as your last game!