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Happy 4th of July RBVL

By Rocky D. and Katie Honan                                                         7/3/15


The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League was greeted by beautiful weather in week six; count your blessings.  Can this beautiful weather streak last the rest of the season?  Wine with Sue was happy that the full roster came out to play tonight because boss Denise is, “Old, tired, and doesn’t want to play anymore.” That’s because she still tirelessly works for the RBVL whenever she’s in town.  (And sometimes even when she is out of town in Texas.)  Team Margarita beat the Stanii four to one BUT it doesn’t count because Team Margarita didn’t hand in their rosters. (Only kidding.)  A great match was played between the veterans of Freedhand’s and the young guns of Hyper Athletics. Hyper Athletics took three out of five from Freedhand’s, holding their own against the perennial champs.  We’ll see what the rest of the season holds for this top contender as they battle other teams in the highest division.  Amazingly enough, Freedhand’s is on a 2 match losing streak, about as rare an occurrence as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.  Bungalow Baranha’s took three out of five against Le Greann, a familiar foe from previous divisions.  It was cool for the Bungi team to see an old team back on the court, and while they exchanged funny quips it was a battle.  Sonic Seany was the star as usual. The only thing bigger than his spikes and his ego is his new afro.  continue


On July 15th The Cabana of Long Beach will be hosting our league after the games.  A free bus is available to interested players.  Last year was a rocking good time, with great music and food.  This year will be no different.  CLICK HERE to rsvp.  Then make sure to see Patty or Denise of Wednesday for tickets.


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