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RBVL Heads for Home

By Joe McGivney                             7/29/16


Once again the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played under beautiful weather with perfect volleyball conditions and players are wondering if bad weather will ever hit Riis Park this summer.  Keep enjoying the wonderful nights.  You are not going to believe the next 14 words Ė there are only two more Wednesday night matches left in the 2016 RBVL season!  Say it isnít so, Joe.  Playoff positioning and regular season titles will all be up for grabs the next two weeks.  Longtime referee Coach enjoyed the music by Gearth, Wind and Fireman last week but has a question, what took them so long to play at Riis Park?  Well, they are back again in Rockaway on Friday night and will be playing at the Graybeardís Family Fun Run at SFDS schoolyard.  Come on by if you like running, eating or drinking? 



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