RBVL Approaches Playoffs

By Katie Honan and Joe McGivney                                                               7/31/15


The week was even hotter and more humid than last week but once again it made for great volleyball weather on Wednesday night.  The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League completed its penultimate week, leaving only one regular season night to be played before the playoff extravaganza on 8/8.  Conditions were good but a zephyr of a wind (not a sirocco) made ball control a little dicey.  The teams that controlled the ball won the games.  Races remain extremely tight in 6 divisions – the Ocean has Freedhand’s, Hyper Athletic and Gatemate.net within 2 games of each other; the Ocean Breeze has Casino Auto Body, JG Electric and That’s What She Set tied for first place; The Beach has Rat Pack NYC, Edison Place and the Wharf Rats within 4; the Boardwalk has the Rockaway Breakers, It’s All Good Tees and the Rockaway Gliders within 1; the Sun has Perfect Settings, the White Horse Tavern and the Bungalow Baranha’s within 2; and the Moon has Channimals, Boarder’s Surf Shop and the IFMA’s within 3 of each other.  Kobeyaki Got Kills, the Breakaways, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere and the Harbor Light Sandhogs have clinched the top seeds in their respective divisions and can take it easy in the final week of the season.  Next week will settle the pennant races and finalize all playoff positioning and seeding.  Everyone makes the playoffs but seeding and matchups are very important if a team wants to go all the way and walk home with a coveted championship sweatshirt.  There’s only two more weeks until the big playoff Saturday, and we don’t know what happened to the summer either.  continue





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